Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Decorations and Redeeming Easter Baskets

Easter table
Tonight we cut some branches off a dogwood tree and completed our Easter decorations.  I'm excited about how pretty it looks and also how I'm going to use the branches as an "Easter Tree".  Starting tomorrow morning Susie will get to open an egg and hang what is in it on the tree -- I have 12 symbols or trinkets that have significance in the Easter story.  I was suddenly inspired when I remembered my milk glass chicken to use that to "hide" the egg in each morning.  To go with the chicken/egg, I've ordered the book Petook, (a tale based on the hen that gathers her children under her wings that Jesus refers to when speaking to the Jewish people) from the library.  If it's good, I'll let you know and maybe buy it for next year!  The cup on the table holds the paper scraps I cut for Susie to add each day to our paper chain (which is now long enough to hang over the mirror by the table).  And one of Susie's Easter watercolor paintings is under the mirror -- I've been adding her Easter pictures to our decor as they are completed for several weeks now.

Another decoration I made this year was a banner out of scrap fabric with verses for Lent clipped to it.  I like the way the fabrics look together, but I think next year I will improve the way I did the verses -- I'm open to suggestions!  I would also love to hang this by the table -- maybe next year that will work out better.  For now, it's hanging over the couch, which is ok.

I'm almost done with gathering up what is going in my kid's Easter baskets!  Since Susie was tiny I decided to do an Easter basket, but to redeem them by making them focus on Jesus and the real reason for Easter!  In the past couple years I've just given her one or two books with a plush lamb and maybe one piece of candy. . . but this year I bought in advance, so the amount is building! :)  I still need to get Chippy a lamb (I kind of want one that rattles but not shaped like a rattle, if that makes sense), but otherwise, everything else is at least ordered.  I may end up giving them one or two of their books early.  In addition to the books, I have a big stuffed sheep for Susie and a chocolate cross (which she spotted in the grocery store and began singing "Easter Friday" at the top of her lungs).  Here are the books I giving this year:
The Big Picture Story Bible with audio CD by David Helm

The Easter Story by Patricia Pingry

Jesus is Coming --board book about the triumphal entry

I got/am getting all my books from LifeWay -- if you are in the Louisville area, the campus store has or will have all of these if you want to pick any of these up!  Also, please join us for storytime on Good Friday morning at 10:00 am --  I will be reading the account of the passion of Christ and resurrection from The Big Picture Story Bible!


Mia said...

Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy reading your book selections!

Laura said...

I was at Pottery Barn Kids this morning for storytime (which is mostly a fun outing for a mall picnic, and stamp toward our $10 certificate as we usually can't hear/see the story very well) - anyway, I saw a sweet lamb rattle if you're really searching for Chip and haven't seen one elsewhere. Just thought I'd pass it along, they had a traditional rattle, a squeaky lamb, and a lamb on a little soft blanket too :) They were not very cheap (the rattle was $12) but I'm not sure what your budget might be!

Jamie said...

Decorate, celebrate, read. Do everything you want to do with your littles Gretchen. I think it's awesome! Today, I made an Easter basket to take to Sunset. Make your memories. Take your pictures. You will never, ever regret it. I love hearing/reading about all you're doing with them, even at an early age. Great!

James and Christen said...

It looks so inviting there. I love the verses on the banner. You inspire me! I SOOOO wish we had access to books like you do. I need to look into getting some of those on Kindle. Yesterday I got to lead a ladies meeting and present the real meaning of Easter and why we as Christians should be celebrating it. At the end I gave several ideas on how they could celebrate in their homes. I included your sin chain, the resurrection tree, Easter mountain and then an Easter garden that I saw on pintrest. They seemed to really like it. The only part that makes me a little worried is it seems like they think they need to all of them. I really just wanted them to pick something to do this week along with reading the Scripture to help them focus on Him. Anyhow, hope it all goes well. I just read the poison cup with my kids this week and was so moved by it again.
Have a wonderful week! Love & Miss you tons!