Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week Actvities

I really wanted to do some things each day this week to make Holy Week special.  I feel like Susie is old enough to enjoy some special activities and begin to understand parts of Jesus death and resurrection (and I mean BARELY understand SMALL parts).  So far, this is what we have done:

Sunday -- I pulled out Susie's toy lambs.  She got one last year for Easter and and one this year (a little early).  I put them in a springy bucket with her 2 Easter books from last year (board books).  I figured they could be special toys and books we pull out only during this time of year to enjoy.  As the years go on, we will add to the collection.  

Monday -- pumpkin pancakes for breakfast (I just wanted to make them, even though I realize pumpkin is not very springy!).  I had picked up a set of little Easter cookie cutters at Jo-Ann's a while back with a $5 off coupon (making them like 80 cents!) and used the cross one to cut out the centers of the pancakes.  Susie played with the rest of the springy cookie cutters while I cooked, but I was thinking in future years, she can help me do the cut outs.

 At supper, I gave her cheese cut into cross shapes (again with the cookie cutter), a grape tomato for the rock by the tomb, and baby carrots cut into slices for the thorns.  I showed her the plate and told her about the shapes and what they were for (in VERY elementary terms), and said "This cross is like 'On the cross He took my sin'" which of course made her very excited to sing the Gospel song, so we did about 50 times.  
Diving into the food -- I could not grab the camera fast enough

As we finished eating, I read to her the page about Jesus' death and resurrection from her book God is Great by Carolyn Larson (which I love), and showed her how in the picture there was a cross, and stone, like on her plate.  She loved how Jesus was standing -- she said "Jesus HI!"  We shouted "Jesus is alive, YAAAAAAAY" a whole bunch of times.  She was very excited!  

I love this book -- what a great toddler storybook!

The very cute excited applause about Jesus being alive!


Emma said...

That is adorable! Next year she will be the older one, and I can only imagine her explaining everything to her brother someday! :)

James and Christen said...

I am so glad you are making the time and being purposeful about teaching her these things. This year I have really struggled to do anything with the kids. It's not to late so I think I will try and do something today. Thanks for the reminder! Praying for you and can't wait to see you and both your precious children!

Gretchen said...

Thanks, Christen!! If you guys do anything fun, please post about it. I gathered lots of ideas from ladies at our church -- would you like me to forward it on to you? I have it in a word document. Some things are MAJORLY involved, but others are more simple.

Angee said...

I love your activities. Great ideas. We've been collecting Easter books this year too.

oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

She is the cutest thing! And the pancakes? Great idea!!