Saturday, June 03, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Josh and Gretchen!

I convinced my husband to let me post a picture on my blog! This is an appropriate one of us together, even though it was kind of a while ago (Thanksgiving), because we just got back from celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary! Josh offered to take me to a REALLY good Italian place, even though pasta isn't his favorite (yet he got pasta, and I got a salad and bread). Josh is so selfless and generous to me, and it is wonderful to reflect on how we have grown together in Jesus these past years!

Guess what we bought for ourselves on our anniversary? You got it, books! We bought The Civil War by Shelby Foote, but only volume 2 and 3. That was all they had on the clearance rack at Barnes and Noble, but we saved a total of $80 off the cover price! :) Those will have to go on my next years' reading list, because they are FAR too long for this year (I am trying to read 100 books I have never read this year, so far I have finished 51. But that's another post).


Sarah said...

YOu guys are too cute! I forgot you have been married longer than us! I am glad your husband let you personalize your space with pics...I expect to see more.
I am afraid your blog makes me feel very unscholarly though, because I have not read a book in I cannot even remember when (besides devotional books). I do not know if I can still be counted as one of your friends. :-)

G-Knee said...

Sarah, I'm totally with you on the book thing. Man, I can't remember when I've had TIME...or made time, I guess would be better. Gretchen my number 765-532-8306. I'm sure people will be stalking me, now that my digits are on the internet...I sound like my father.
I'm right off of highway 43, so if you see that on the map, give me a jingle and we'll get it squared away.

Sarah said...

I've found you at last, my precious. I have been searching for your phone number for months--now I can prank you to my heart's content.....I'll get you my pretty!!!!! Mwahhhwww!!!!

Gretchen said...

G-Knee, do you want me to delete your post now that I have your info? I don't want any stalkers chasing you down!

You guys, I am really not that scholarly, you have to keep in mind that about half of the books I read are older children's books! Which I actually think are quite excellent literature. Next year I'll try to read some impressive things, but I won't be able to finish very many!