Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Loooooooong Journey

Here are some pics from our recent trip to upstate NY for Word of Life Camp with our youth group. We had 42 people traveling in 4 different vehicles, which is sort of a rest stop train wreck. You can imagine how long every stop was just getting in and out.

We really enjoyed a relaxed 6 days once we got up there, though. The bottom right picture is a view from our cabin that we stayed in. It was so pretty and serene. What I enjoyed most was sitting on the dock with my feet in clean, clear Schroon Lake, reading my Bible or a good book. I read so much more than I expected to on that trip, and I actually ran out of books (should've taken David Copperfield as a back-up). Word of Life had some pretty good book stores, which I made use of, and continued reading.

One of the biggest benefits for our youth group on a trip like this is the way they all grew together. I was very impressed as they were super flexible and patient with each other on such a looooong drive! Also, it was a good way for the kids who don't come to youth group super often to be able to mesh with the other kids. We have already seen some of the fruit of this -- after 10 days, you really can't be an outsider any more!

I am a little sad thinking that we won't be the youth leaders here next year, in charge of that trip again. Not that I'd be up for it again any time soon, but it was certainly a good memory. I guess we'll just have to see how the Lord will use us after we move to Kentucky!

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