Sunday, September 02, 2007

Up for Some Fun. . .

This morning in church I saw the back of a little girl's head and for a split second thought it was Anna McCurdy (a dear child friend of mine from our old church). Obviously, I realized I was mistaken right away, and yet the longing to see those kids brought tears to my eyes. I silently told the Lord how much I missed those kids and how I wished to have some really good fun kid time with the kids at my church here.

Thank you, Jesus! I had my answer tonight at Clifton's Labor Day picnic. I got to play games, walk a trail (including a visit to a large group of ducks and a very old graveyard) and play tag to my hearts content with the fabulous kids who I am growing to love more and more. This is one of the biggest blessings in my life. It is a crowning moment for me to have such a reward from God. I am refreshed and blessed in ways I can't explain.

In light of that, I thought I'd go through some of my older pictures and put up some fun and funny ones of kids. To keep it safe, I'm not posting the kids' names (don't freak if you see your child here!).This one cracks me up because it looks like Josh and I are trying to throw the kids off the bridge.

What is the deal with my teacher face? I crack myself up! I love how Miss Janice is mimicking me without knowing it! The kids are slightly in disbelief, though obviously taking me seriously!

Obviously a place you need to try everything on.

I'm good at scary faces, and I must teach the next generation.

Turban contest (reading Narnia).

What I love about this picture is that the child in front of me is somehow unbelievably unhappy even though she is wearing MY t-shirt and TWO of my necklaces (color day at VBS)! When I looked closely I was like "WHY does she have BOTH of my turquoise necklaces on??"

Do you think this child gets kissed much? Heh, heh. . .

Well, that's just CUTE.

Best for last! AUGH HA HA HA! Smoooooooth.


Johanna said...

That last picture is HILARIOUS!! I love it! LOL!!! You need to keep that for his graduation or wedding or something...that's a good one. You should have a copy of that on your fridge.

Gretchen said...

It got even better when he used all of his coins to buy rings. He was really "pimpin'" with that hat and rings on every finger! HA HA!

Josh said...

Abby's got an Inspector Gadget neck in the picture where the two of you are kissing Mercedes. :)

Anonymous said...


Cede can say everyone's names! We were dying on labor day when she kept saying "abby, abby" in that hoarse-ish tone. :) Also, in church, Stevie from behind tried to give me a full size notebook and whispered (loudly) draw me a dress!!. I turned around and said "I don't know how!". Now I am not nearly as cool as Emily who had just done it for Anna McCurdy :**) hee hee


Emily said...

lol, Anna's comment! Crack me up...though yes I did draw a picture of a dress for Anna M. I always draw them with poofy sleeves (I guess because that's what I wanted as a child)and she prefers the strapless...I'm still ;)
Oh Steven, thou art adorable. Actually the beginning of this post made me stop and praise God that I've been able to stay here with them a little bit longer! Lydia is becoming so wonderfully good!