Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Almost Reformation Day!

Okay, so I'm bummed that no-one wanted to take a chance on my Covenantors Quiz, but I guess I should have offered a prize for it or something. :) I understand that most of your lives are revolving around the things you do, not around the Reformation like mine is right now. Just spent a lovely 7+ hours at the church working on setting up for the big night, and I was so encouraged to have so many great friends from Clifton show up to lend a hand. I think it would have REALLY been a lot for Annie and I to carry the whole load this year -- thank you, Lord!

Here are a couple pictures that show som
e of the stuff we worked on. It's a bit hard to tell quite how cool it is on the 4th floor of our church building where everything still looks . . . well, OLD. I'll be sure to put up some fun pictures of the night of next week to show the cute kiddos in their costumes and such. For now, here are some people-less shots.
Here is what greets you at the gates of Edinburgh. You come up some large stairs to this sight, so it was a little hard to get a shot that was broad enough and high enough to include the banner. I figured you could imagine the rest of the castle gate look. I am very happy with the Christ's Crown and Covenant banner, which was drawn free-hand by my sister Emily and then painted in by willing volunteers.

This is one of the adjoining rooms -- the Great Hall. Several sort of carnival games are in here, which I'm sure I'll get some good photos of on Wednesday. A couple of super-generous Seminary guys came and hung all the brick wall paper in the room, which was AWESOME. If you can see through the doorway into the room in the background, you may notice something that looks rather like gravestones on the wall, which is what they are. That booth is the "Last Words" booth in which the kids remember the martyrs who died for their faith by reading their last words. It seems a little strange, but a really great way to emphasize how they persevered to the end.

Well, it's still a few hours until Josh gets off work, so I think I'll do some organizing in my bedroom and watch "Luther" while I'm in the Reformation Spirit!


sara's art house said...

WOW- It looks fabulous, Gretchen! I wish I could come! I know some little kiddies will have great memories for years to come!

Karen said...

I'm watching Gret! Can't wait to hear how it goes this year!

Brenna said...

I would have taken the quiz, Gret, if I wasn't so ashamed at how badly I know I would have done! BTW, who is in the Luther movie?

Gretchen said...

Brenna, Ralph Fiennes' brother plays Luther himself (Joseph Fiennes). He's GREAT. I love that movie. You totally have to honor the holiday with a little viewing! P.S. A bit violent -- not for kids. :)

First and Twentieth said...

thank you SO much miss Gretch!
it was completely awesome!!!
you and miss Annie are amazing.
see you Sunday!

P.S. Did you get the Craig's "scotch dish" thing? ;)