Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Stuff Week

My birthday was Sunday, so I decided to give myself a week of free stuff. :) Here's what I've got planned.

Monday: free iced mocha from McDonald's. This is available next Monday as well, if you want to grab one! Just ask at the counter!

Tuesday: free Gymboree class for Susie. We got a free pass from the hospital when Susie was born, so we went today and it was really fun. She
was falling asleep at the end, but she was good as gold the whole time. Calm and attentive.

Wednesday: free fountain drink from Speedway.

Thursday: free ice cream from Cold Stone. Sign up for their birthday club and they'll send you a coupon in your e-mail.

Friday: free photo session for Susie at Olan Mills. This was
another coupon I got when she was born. It's actually free, even the sitting fee, and you get a new baby portrait package of one pose.

Saturday: free Penn Station sub (they're doing a tell a friend free sandwich promotion via e-mail)

Don't you love getting free stuff?

Here's a picture of my darling Susal getting so big and working on holding up her head.


That Jeremy Guy said...

Also, for those who eat burgers; if you sign up for their e-club, Red Robin will give you a free burger on your birthday.

Barb said...

Happy belated birthday Gretchen!

Fran R. said...

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people. Cute pic of Sus. Hope to see you soon.

Heather D said...

that is awesome. hope you had a good free-stuff birthday! I can't believe it's been a year since I've seen you :(

Grammy Winterland said...

Gretchen, Congratulations on your sweet baby girl. I so enjoy reading you girls blogs, seeing how you've grown in the Lord and how your lives are doing now.