Friday, June 11, 2010

The Eaglet

Today I'd like to recommend a little book called The Eaglet by Jim Elliff which is a simple yet powerful story of the gospel. I was reminded of how much I loved this book this week during VBS, when the younger classes read it in their lesson time on the night they learned about Salvation.

A baby eaglet that lives in a nest above a deep gorge is told not to try to fly from the nest, but gives in to the temptation to try to fly and be independent anyway (which is a great analogy for Adam and Eve's sin in the garden). The eaglet is plunging
to his death, unable to rescue himself, because his little wings are not nearly powerful enough to save himself. The eaglet cries out for help and the father eagle suddenly swoops down and saves the eaglet. What a beautiful story of salvation! It makes me so thankful for my great God who rescued me when I could not save myself!

My friend Caffy Whitney (wife of Don Whitney, who has written many books on spiritual disciplines) is an excellent artist, and she the artwork for The Eaglet. You can click here to download the entire book, or just the illustrations, if you wanted to use them to "tell" the story yourself. I just love it when you find a good resource for FREE! Of course, if you want to buy this book, you certainly can, it is incredibly inexpensive! Here is the link for ordering information.

I am linking up to Feed Me Books Friday over at Adventures of Motherhood, so check it out for other children's book recommendations!


Donette said...

I had forgotten that we bought this book some time ago, before our kids were old enough to understand the concepts. I'm going to pull this one back out and read it to them. I think my 6 year old will be the perfect age to understand it. Thanks for reminding me of a great book!

And, I love your new blog background - perfect for your theme!

Anne@LittleSproutBooks said...

I love analogies that help explain harder concepts - and who can beat free?
Thanks for the visit at Little Sprout Books - I hope you enjoy the birthday book with your little one!

Kay said...

What a wonderful story and great illustrations. Thank you for sharing that.

I happened to notice your question at the "help help, fonts and colors crisis" forum where I too have been seeking the restoration of "plain and simple" like it was a few days ago:-)

Anyway, I was encouraged to read that someone might be working on a solution. The unexpected problem sort of ruined my day~~~and reminded me that I really need to get a life:-)

God bless. (Sheep 1)

Gretchen said...

Thanks, Donette! I like it too, but I wish I could change my font colors. It's driving me CRAZY to have the title of each post be BRIGHT BLUE like that. Looks horrid. :)

Kay -- I know what you mean, it about ruined my day yesterday, too! I seriously thought "do I have to start over and make a new blog??" UGH. That would be a huge drag.

Janna said...

Wow! This one needs to be in my library! How cool that you know the artist.

And yes I like the new look too. Very fun! It makes me want to whisper:)