Monday, August 02, 2010

A Few Favorite Links

I have not shared favorite blogs and websites in like -- forever!

Maybe I think people will think that is boring.

Even though I love blog posts with interesting links here and there!  So --ok, here goes!

This blog has the most gorgeous quilts!  My mother would love them.  She is currently doing a giveaway for a bag of material -- so click here to enter.  You'll need to check out her Etsy shop, too, Stitching in Socks.  Love it!

You may already know about Mila's Daydreams, but this blog was so adorable that I had to add it to my sidebar.  I check back every time she puts up a new one.  What a fun thing to do with a sleeping baby (you know, with all your spare time -- hee hee).

I am a huge fan of anything and everything in this Pretty Little Shop!  Vintage illustrations on paper products, which are perfect for gifts, decorating, scrapbooking, or whatever your interest.  Right now they have a $5 off code -- 5Dollars.  You can use it on any purchase of $5 or more, so you'll just have to pay shipping.  Have fun clicking around!

I could also buy one of each from Warm Biscuit, which I found when poking around for fabric to make Susie's birthday bib.  They have vintage fabrics and adorable custom items (which are well out of my price range, but still fun for ideas).  You can request up to 5 free fabric swatches (free shipping even!) by using the coupon code "FREESWATCH".  I was thrilled with mine when they came -- and the swatch was big enough to cut out the #1 for Susie's bib.  Click here if you want to see how to request the swatches.  They had great service and they came quickly!

My favorite cooking blog is 101 Cookbooks, which I also feature in my sidebar.  Everything I've tried from her has been truly amazing and outstanding in the extreme.  I'm not lying, last week when I made her chick pea salad for lunch I kept saying "THIS IS SO GOOD" the whole time I ate it!!  Try her "How to make pesto like an Italian Grandmother" this summer if you or a friend has an abundance of basil (what a blessing to have!).  You will not be disappointed.  Josh and Susie and I about licked the bowl.

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