Thursday, April 07, 2011

First Popsicle

Tonight was a lovely spring evening, and after our walk, Susie and I enjoyed some Edy's strawberry bars outside.  It was Susie's first Popsicle. . . mmmmm!

Yesterday Josh took her to the library, and I suggested he get her some more Curious George books -- whatever they had (our library tends to have them all checked out).  He got Curious George Rides a Bike and said "but it's WAY too long for her."  I had the impression that he'd tried reading it at the library or something, and she didn't want to sit for it.  Nope!  She sat and listened to the almost 50 page book the FIRST time I read it to her yesterday afternoon!  And we've read it about ten times since!  This is one I'm thinking we're going to need to find in hardback to keep.  So thankful my girlie likes to read!

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sara's art house said...

I love that picture!!!

That is so cute that she sat and listened. Skye is lie that with chapter books. When she was about 3 I started reading chapter books to the boys and she would listen. Now I am reading mark twain books to her and she loves them...looks like Susie will be reading C.S. Lewis before we know it:)

Anonymous said...

lol the popsicle! Didn't she have a taste of one as a teense? I thought there was a picture of nathan sneakily feeding her one. !


Gretchen said...

Anna -- that was a sucker!