Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SAHM and a 4 month old

I've been as happy as a clam the past month. . . working in my home full time.  Cannot express how much I love being able to snuggle with my kids in the morning without the rush of needing to get out the door to work, spend as much time as I like playing with them, reading to them and just paying attention to them.  This afternoon when Susie woke up from her nap, I climbed in her bed, lay down by her and read a whole stack of books to her while she sucked her thumb and turned the pages.  I do not regret spending about an hour this way. :)

Chip is more darling than ever -- 4 months old.  He weighs 12 lbs and 5 oz, which is EIGHT POUNDS more than he did at birth!  WOO HOO!  He's getting much stronger on his tummy and holds his head up looking around like a big baby.  And on his 4 month birthday he LAUGHED for the first time!  I was standing there with the camera in my hand and was able to turn it on and capture the moment as Josh made him laugh again and again.

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James and Christen said...

I am so glad you are able to stay home and enjoy your kids. Maybe having had to work during Susie's infancy has made you value even more what you have now. Congrats!!!

I love Chip's 4 month picture. Such a creative idea.

Hope to see you soon, seems a little strange being here without you:)