Friday, October 14, 2011

Some crafty stuff

Like most of the world, I've gotten UTTERLY hooked on Pinterest.  I opened my account on my birthday as a gift to myself. . . yeah, it was a good one. :)  I have tried to attempt some of the project I found on there, and here are a couple pictures:
Chip is modeling the baby legwarmers I made him -- the accessory every cloth-diaper wearing baby needs. :)  Any baby, really!  I found the directions here, and it was SO easy.

Here's Sus dancing in the tutu I made her.  Again, incredibly easy.  This project does not require sewing.

I did sew this -- an apron made from an old t-shirt (I actually used 2 shirts to make it heavier).  I got the directions from this tutorial.  Making stuff from t-shirts is so fun!  I have STACKS of old ones to use!  Sewing the knit can be tricky, but you don't have to hem it.

I've done some other stuff, too, but not as cute as these (being modeled by my kids makes it cuter). :)  I've got lots more plans as well!

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