Friday, January 20, 2012

Keeping Memories

I have made baby books for each of my children, and of course have framed pictures of them everywhere, but I wanted to post an idea I had for keeping a few of their special baby things for them to have when they become parents.

In each box I have saved a few things from the hospital and a few really special baby outfits.  They are things that I would let a sibling wear (if they have another brother or sister) but probably would not lend out to others.  They are set aside for Susie and Chip to keep.  I will probably add a couple more things as time goes on (like shoes or a favorite book), but for now I've got this at least.  

The picture I have is not awesome because I can't find my camera charger and had to take this with my phone.  I labeled the boxes with baby cards I'd saved (I'm a borderline packrat when it comes to sentimental items).  I'm so happy with my precious boxes!

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