Wednesday, March 06, 2013

What My Kids See

It's about time I write on my blog!  I have left it dormant for so long because I felt like it was an easy thing to let go, and then I felt sheepish about picking it back up again.  Well, I can't promise I'll post consistently, but I can at least make the effort to do a bit, and I have in mind a little series I'll post about what we are doing in preparation for Easter (so hopefully we'll get at least that far!).

But for starters, I just wanted to post this picture of myself my 3 year old daughter took last night while I was making dinner.  Maybe it doesn't blow you away, but I really liked it.  Not only did she center it somewhat and not make me look like I have more chins than I do, she captured me in the middle of my small messy kitchen finishing supper preparations.  I did not have a picture like this of myself (before now) and do not have anything like this of my mom.  But I sure remember what she looked like in her kitchen.  Day after day, night after night -- there was a meal on the table for our family.  We thanked Jesus for it, but otherwise mostly took it for granted -- Mom had done that work for us, AGAIN.

I liked getting a chance to see what my kids see.  I hope they see me the way I look here -- busy but HAPPY about my job!


Lennis said...

Great Job, Susie!

Ashley Wells said...

I love this! So simple, but yet meaningful!