Monday, November 20, 2006


I am not too afraid of being sentimental. Gag if you like, but my teenage sisters and their friends all mockingly imitate me talking to my husband in baby talk (it's a family thing -- we all communicate in this dialect about 50% of the time) . And I do LOVE my husband. So I was glad when my friend Sarah tagged me, forcing me to post about him and 13 things I love about him. BTW -- "Jeish" is the way his grandma pronounced his name, so it has just stuck as a nickname. Sets him a bit apart from the multitude of Joshes.

1. He truly is my spiritual leader -- he sets the tone in our home, and calls me on the carpet when I need it.

2. He constantly encourages me. Whether it is my appearance, feeling worn out from all my differing responsibilities, or just cooking dinner or getting the laundry done, he is affirming, affirming, affirming.

3. He is such a great "big brother" to my little sisters. He buddies them and babies them, and tells them they are beautiful. (I think this is a good indication that he will be a great father!)

4. I think he is very handsome. I would know his profile anywhere.

5. He loves to read, like me.

6. He never nags me if I let my housework lie a bit. He gives me time to relax when I am home from work, and lets me read, read, read all I want without feeling guilty.

7. He has no vices, or addictions to things that just waste time. He enjoys sports, but his life is not tempered by whether or not the right team wins or loses. He rarely watches television (and never here!).

8. He has adapted to my style of food (very little meat, open to trying nearly all vegetables) and is game for being adventurous if I feel like it with my cooking.

9. He has a vi
sion for how the Lord will use us together in the future.

10. He likes spending time with me! We mostly like to hang out together!

11. He feels things intensely, but seeks to be led not by feeling, but conviction. He is not a boorish "He-Man". And I'm glad!!

12. He loves childre
n and elderly people. This was one of the first things that stood out to me when I first got to know him. I had never met a man who was good with both.

13. He has a great sense of humor! He can make me laugh HARD like no-one else can. And another good thing is, he is rubbing off on me, so we sort of share a sense of humor.

So . . . Who to tag next??? I think I shall tag my friends Donette and Stephanie!


Steph said...

Hey Gret!
Good post. Okay, I'll give it a shot (hopefully) tonight!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Dan appreciates you tagging me! He probably doesn't hear these things enough!