Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Sisters

A while back I posted some pictures of Josh's family and commented on our relationship, so now I want to post some stuff about my family and how much I love them -- especially my sisters!
Anybody who does not have a sister does not understand the bond that can be there. I have been thankful for my sisters over and over; they are very dear friends to me! After seeing Josh's mom deal with her mother dying and the comfort she took with her sister -- who is SO different from her, but shares that common bond of sisterhood -- I decided that I want to have more than one girl. So let me know how you let God know that . . . anybody got ideas? Sarah? Sandy? Just kidding.

Above is a pictur
e of us all at the Father-Daughter Dinner in June (we are wearing "We Heart Dad" shirts made by Emily and I). My sister Nancy is the girl with short hair in the back row. Nanc is my adopted sister for the past 4+ years. She is growing in her people skills and has an unbelievable ability to memorize every word to songs and movies! Unfortunately, I could not find any other good pics of her! I guess she is not the camera hog the rest of my sisters and I are! Here are some other pictures of my sisters and family that I love!

Josh and Abby at Boyce Preview weekend a couple weeks ago. Abby is 14 and much more tomboyish than Emily. She is sometimes buddies with Josh, though he still wishes I had a little brother! :) Abby is very gifted with children and loves to babysit and hog my little niece, Cede! People always tell Abby she looks like me . . . sorry Ab! I guess if they mean the natural beauty look, then that is TRUE!

Emily is the girliest girly girl in the family. She is also very artistic and talented singer. Here she is singing at International Teen's Involved. What I appreciate about Emily is her love for the Lord! She is WAY more spiritually grounded than I was at 17! Isn't she beautiful? No wonder all those boys are crushing on her!

I couldn't find any recent ones of just Anna and I, but here is one of the 4 of us on my Dad's 60th birthday in September. Anna is my closest in age sister, and she is married and works as a nurse. Anna and I shared a room growing up, and we are a testimony that that can WORK and sisters can still be buddies!

Thank you, Jesus, for my sweet sisters! Please take them from my open hands and use them for YOUR glory!!


Anonymous said...

They did not go to MBBC. She graduated from Northland. Their names are Ben and Kelly Glupker. I would love for you to be able to get in touch with them. Feel free to E-mail me at thehagers@comcast.net.


Sarah said...

Gret--What cute pics! They make me miss my sister (who I will see in a few weeks!) I didn't realize how much Abby looked like you--crazy.
I wish I could see you guys before you move. :-( What are you doing this weekend?! :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww...wish I had a sister...I think I consider my next door neighbors from childhood my sisters.That...and Sarah! :)

Setrn said...

yep, sisters are great. sometimes you have to to not live with them for a while to appreciate them! I also appreciate watching my twins grow in their "sister bond." Of course, I am pretty crazy about my two sis's in law and my sisters of the heart who have helped me through the hard stuff!