Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Family Christmases #2 -- Immediate Benzing Family

My immediate family always gathers to exchange gifts about a week before Christmas (to allow for everyone's travel). This year was notably special with the first little grandchild in the family (niece to me)! Here is a picture of "Schmader-cakes" opening her first gift from me (books, what else??).

My sister Emily waits pensively for the free-for all to begin. Just kidding. The fire was so lovely that I tried to capture the glow in the room, but I fear it looks a bit blurred.

Mom was REALL
Y surprised by her gift from the girls: an American Girl doll! She has wanted a Molly doll since I got my Kirsten doll 19 years ago. We decided we wanted to treat Marjalo with a big gift because she has gone through so much this year. She cried when she opened it -- I think we did a good job!!

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brittany said...

LOVE the look on your mom's face! Lauren cried when she saw her AG doll (as she calls it) too! She sobbed and sobbed and hugged and hugged me. Soooo fun!