Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Family Christmases #4 -- Wilkinson Family

My mom's family gets together on Christmas day. Several years ago, because so many of us came from out of town, we started having our Christmas celebration at the hotel we stay at. That sounds pretty cold and impersonal, I know, but it actually works out great. They have a kitchen that we can use and the hotel blocks off the large lobby area for us. There are couches, tables, a fireplace, two televisions and a kitchen. We're all set!

My Grammy and Grandad proudly hold the first great-grandchild in the family. Grandad has always loved babies, so it was cute to see him with one -- it's been awhile!

My Uncle Matt gave everyone a really cool gift -- CDs with my grandad's WWII army pictures on them. Here Josh, Anna and Emily are examining the proofs closely.

My creativ
e Aunt Donna (on the right -- she's an artist who has worked designing greeting cards for as long as I remember. I think that is such a cool job!) had another fun idea this year. She had everyone in the family help to paint a canvas to hang up at Grammy and Grandad's house. The design was based on Sudoku, with each number being replaced by a symbol/color. Here Josh begins the painting with yellow dots, as interested family members look on.

My cousin Rob adds some red diamonds -- and even my little niecelet Schmader gets in on the action. Unfortunately, when you are a mere 8 months old, it is a bit difficult to know if you are painting a canvas or your daddy's shirt. Janet is laughing here, but this shot is just seconds after she wisked away the brush!

Emily and I get in on the action by addin
g pink hearts. (Meanwhile Nathan's shirt is being unsuccessfully scrubbed in the kitchen). Might I add that this was such a fun party idea?!

Here is the finished result. I think it looks a bit like an amish quilt pattern (of which my Grammy is enormously fond!). It's sort of a "frien
dship painting", not unlike the friendship quilts of old, where everyone adds a square. It is so cute and fun, and it will look fantastic framed and on the wall at the Wilkinson home.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that painting idea!!!! Thanks for showing all of the great pictures.

megan said...

the painting turned out really neat. i would never be able to do anything like that. i have NO artistic bone in my body! ryan always gets a little nervous when i try a new art project. (he has good reason, i've had serveral go terribly wrong!)

Anonymous said...

I thought my Christmas was busy! Sounds like you have a lot of fun and I am glad you get to see so much of your family. We mostly only see our immediate family, and we stay busy enough! We are off to MN tomorrow and then we are done for the season. I loved hearing about your celebrations!

Steph said...

Hey - fun pictures. I love the cd with your grandpa's pictures on them and GREAT gift for your mom! I love Molly too (and Kit,and, Felicity...)Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

Wow, you guys were busy!!! I get a little burned out being around people after awhile, so I would not have held up as well as you seemed to. :-)
The painting for your grandparents is the coolest idea! I just made mine a calendar....:-)
Glad you had a good Christmas. Are you all packed up?

Gretchen said...

Sar, Meg, Nett -- I thought the painting was awesome too. My Aunt Donna can pull it off so that everybody wants to join in because she's all artsy and everybody listens to her.

Steph -- I knew you'd appreciate the WWII pics! :)

Sarah -- all packed up? Heh, heh. Um, right. We've started. Remember when I called you the day we were leaving Wisconsin? I do hope to be more organized than that! Most of the slow part is SORTING through what we're taking and what we're storing and what we're trying to get rid of.