Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Let me not seek . . . apart from Thee

Tonight I attended Pendergraph Women's Ministry which is an organization for any women involved with the life of the college: wives, students, professors and professor's wives. My readers know that I am quite interested in seeking out female fellowship, and this gathering turned out to be just the sort of thing I adore.

You wear nametags and eat chocolate dipped strawberries and cucumber dip and register for a door prize and sing praise and worship and all the women in attendance act as if they know you. Tonight the meeting was "Ask Anything Tuesday" (which is a knock-off of Dr. Mohler's radio program, for those of you who are fortunate enough to live where that program is aired). I just love that sort of thing, and I knew full well going into it that I would most certainly ask a question (come on, now, wouldn't you??). There were 6 ladies, 2 of whom I know (sort of -- I'm new, so I don't know anyone very well at all!), and a couple others I have seen in the bookstore. I just love Carol Orrick and Gretchen Wright (the latter for obvious reasons), so I just sat enthralled with the wisdom of these ladies. I was a bit preoccupied with their poise and beauty, admiring them for all the good things they are. Several of them greeted me warmly (I was so thrilled that Mrs. Orrick remembered me from when I met her last fall!), and I was basking in the golden glow of such a truly feminine evening.

And I realize the tendency that my heart has toward idolatry. . . don't you do this? My heart is inclined to the creature, not the Creator. Tonight I read in Valley of Vision: "Let me not seek moral virtue apart from Thee." I added in my own journal: "Let me not seek notice apart from Thee." Any of you who think and feel like I do know that it is so dear to our hearts when someone we admire takes notice of us. But friend, do we not have the undivided Notice of the most Beautiful Being of all? My prayer is that the knowledge of the Holy One making note of me will capture my imagination, and keep me from ever quite getting over it.


GloryandGrace said...

Amen, sister. I'm glad you received such warm encouragement at the Pendergraph fellowship.

We should talk soon~

I hope you're having a good week!

Hindto said...

Well said. It is so awesome to read your thoughts. Not to put you on a pedestal, but Gretchen, in reading your thoughts, I hear a woman who hungers and thirsts for the only One who can provide nourishment to our bodies and souls. I hear someone who is passionate for a deep purity in her walk with God. I read someone who isn't afraid to admit character flaws, sinful desires that need to be changed or good desires that have turned sinful by mens wickedness.

I know you won't be bloggin as much anymore, but I just want to say, as I've been searching and praying for myself and others to go "back to the Bible" for a honest to goodness revival to happen amongst this 30 something generation that I belong to, you have encouraged my walk. I was so thankful for you and your husband down their in Louisville, pressing on, gleaning bits of wisdom and knowledge as you pant after the Living Water, following hard after Gods heart.

So while I will miss your insights that greatly helped me here in Michigan stay more focused on my beautiful Saviour, I appreciate why you will be posting less. I will be praying that God will use the time as your heart desires, to spend more time falling in Love with Jesus.


Gretchen said...

Grace -- yes, we should talk soon. I may call you on the drive to Ohio. We will be going to Josh's Grandpa's funeral (you can read Josh's post about him).

Karen -- bless you, my e-friend! It has been one week of less blogging, and I can truly say that it has been utterly refreshing thus far. When I come home for lunch, I automatically WANT to get online, but I have been reading my Bible, reading Valley of Vision (do you know that book? You would LOVE it! So many lines in the prayers just make my jaw drop because they echo my thoughts so EXACTLY!), and writing in my prayer journal. I miss all of my blogging friends, and I will be back, I promise, but I hope my priorities will be more firmly in place before that happens!

mike & amy said...


I know every Pendegraph Women's Ministry Event I get a card to and go to really bless my soul... hehe


mike said...

Here it is... http://www.simpleliving.org