Thursday, February 01, 2007

Magical Mishmash

I have started and restarted this post a million times at the risk that I might be controversial. I mean not to be. Please don't think less of my walk in Christ for what I share that I'm so excited about! That said. . .

I am SO excited about the release of Harry Potter 7!!!!! (for those of you who don't know, the final tome in the popular Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling will be released on July 21st)

When I lived in Illinois I ran a Harry Potter club for kids of all ages, and it was so delightful, and now I miss them and their enthusiasm and imagination. They were wonderful kids, and I shared with them something that you can share with people who like the same books as you do. Tonight was their club meeting and I am just thinking about them all discussing the upcoming event with such zest even though it is months away! Do you know the common bond you can have when you've discussed all your favorite parts and characters together? Make no mistake. I know where I'll be at midnight on the 20th!!

Part II, friendship. Today I had my eyes opened to the potential friendship all around me. I had sort of already become accustomed to being "reached out to" because I was new, and already feeling like I found my friends at each place (from the "past"? Andrea and Jason, Grace and her man. Church? Bill and Beth, Brett and Rachel. . . work?). And it was that last part that I was getting too comfortable with. Yesterday I LOVED work because everyone I worked with was being so funny and we all gelled and did different stuff and today a LOT of people didn't work and so we were SUPER swamped and I was having a bad attitude about some people not working (Read: my new friend Theologian Kevin). But the Lord showed me the need to show myself friendly no matter who I am working with, and I was so thrilled to find someone new I really hit it off with!

I am by no means in the typical situation because I work with all wonderful Christian people, but I guess my application here is that the Lord was showing me that He wanted to bless me with adding to my life because I was willing to open it!


Steph said...

Hey Gret
Tonight I was digging out old pictures for my "Love" blogs this month - and I found a bunch of us at MBBC, your bday parties, daycare, etc! We work so well together- let's do it again sometime!
Oh, and I think you should do a blog on your decade themed bday parties! I would've but I've seemed to have scrap booked most of them so I'm not sure if I can scan them now or not.

brittany said...


Lauren wants me to post to you to tell you she is now a Steward. She's so proud of herself and Brookelyn is a Squire.

Smoothie King said...

I've not seen a Harry Potter all the way through...What I saw was very cool graphics and a fun show to seemed like a good science fiction movie. I'm sure you can get a HP kids group started down south. Hey! Maybe the next time you guys are in town you can pick your fav. HP and we can all get together and enjoy it.

Donette said...

I willingly admit that I am excited to read the last Harry Potter book, too! I have read them all up to now, even borrowing the last book from a tweenager at church! We have seen every movie in the theatre as it came out and took the aforementioned tween with us last time as a "thanks" for letting me borrow the book!
I doubt I will be at a bookstore at midnight, but I will try to buy it as soon as it comes out!

jule said...

Gret, I had a lot of fun with the kids Thur night. They had some great ideas. We are working on a newscast. Weather, sports, local & world news, political (house elves rights Elizabeths idea) and of course headlines news book 7. We want to add you to our broadcast by taping or maybe doing a phone remote segment. They came up with you being the teacher who moved away and we need to interview. If you come up with any ideas let us know. Andrew seemed to enjoy himself he stayed after everyone was gone for a halfhour talking. We have lots to discuss so schedule me in when you come home for a visit.

Gretchen said...

Smoothie King -- YEAH! Anytime. The books KILL the movies, though...

Nettie -- YES!!!!!!! I should have pegged you for a fantasy fan! Anyone as hard-core about everything as we are has to have a place in their hearts for that!

Jule -- oh, I'm so excited! I'll have to call you for SURE and we can plan our attack. You better do pre-orders NOW if you can!