Monday, March 19, 2007

A "Fuller" Life

Right when you least expect it, God showers you with a big surprise (seemingly, just to show you He can). I had such a surprise last week when I was at work: I walked out of the back room, and stopped short as I immediately recognized some faces I hadn't seen in quite a while. For those of you who know them, running into Paul and Audrea Fuller is one of the best "blast from the past" experiences! I couldn't believe it, and I was so excited to learn that they were visiting the Seminary for a week, hoping to find a house and move down here in the next couple of months (their 4th child is due in June!).

They are some of the best people to chat with whether you've seen them recently or not simply because they are some of the kindest and most cordial people you'll ever meet, as well as hilarious "rememberers" of old times and people.

What a blessing!

We saw them again and again throughout the week, topping it off with a late-night trip to Krispie Kreme (I know my readers will think I am totally addicted or something!) last night. I am so thrilled that the Lord is bringing them here, blessing Josh and me with such a good thing. I realize my last post was a little sad, so I wanted to rejoice here and thank the Lord for making our life a little "Fuller"!


sara said...

It is always great to see old friends. I am glad God encouraged you that way!

Paul said...

I find it so amazing to see how God's blessings to us in life are such a two-way street! Audrea and I were not worried about developing new friendships in Louisville, but would've been happier of course if someone we knew was there. So there was definitely the double-blessing going on last week!

GloryandGrace said...

So does this mean that I really do need to get on the ball on write a new blog???


Anonymous said...

Old friends can be the best friends! Though after a while, new friends become old friends too. :)