Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Long and Winding Road . . . or . . . Why I Miss Home

Guess where I went this weekend? This picture gives a clue:

After giving it a bit of thought, (refer to the title for yet another clue), scroll down to see.

A Beatle's concert! Well, it was a tribute band, called "The Liverpool Legends", actually, but they were quite good, and looked and sounded just like the real thing. Since a real Beatle's concert is not an option, Misty, Shea, Emily and I gladly grabbed up the opportunity to don our go-go gear and get groovy with the Fab 4 (seen in Sgt Pepper regalia on the left). It was perfect that I should see this group on a day when I heard the song "Long and Winding Road", and felt quite sentimental to all things "home". (As did other people this weekend, so I read).

What is it that I miss so sorely? I like it here so much! I dearly love our new church, apartment, jobs, friends. . . and of course all the gorgeous eating establishments that Steak and Shake (the ONLY thing open after anything) just can't hold a candle to. It would be easy to say that I miss the kids, and my family (which is ever so TRUE), but I know that it is a bit more than that, in a way. And so thinking upon such things, I believe I have reached a conclusion.

I miss being known. Now, don't misunderstand me, I do not seek fame and popularity -- to be sure, that is a proud inclination of my sinful heart, but this is not what I mean by being known. I mean I miss walking up to people, addressing them simply and not needing a reason to talk with them. I mean shortly getting very real with people and openly discussing our hearts, our struggles, and our needs with one another. I mean grabbing a child who walks past me, hugging them, and knowing they want my undivided attention (which I WANT to give!).

Here is an example: I often speak of my job here (one of them), which I like a lot, chiefly because of my co-workers. However, I am not yet known to them, so it follows quite logically that I am often checked up on, not yet totally trusted. But Sunday night, I asked my former pastor if he'd gotten a phone call from my new boss about a character reference. Pastor Scott said "I gave him and earful. I told him if he didn't promote you, he was a moron!" I have never worked for Pastor Scott, either directly under him, or in a ministry with him. But he knows me, and gave a glowing review of me to my boss (which, I might add, was a terribly kind thing to do! I certainly don't deserve a glowing review!).

To my new friends that I have made here (here on the blogosphere, and here in the physical sense . . . and then there are those with whom I am friends in both senses!),
I wish to be clear: in no way am I stating that I value your friendship less than you think. In fact, I prize the "knowing" that I think I have with you. There is just something special about the rest you find when you walk in and are surrounded by people you know and love. . . and they and know and love you too.

I'll leave you with a final picture of our groovy selves! Get back!


sara said...

Those pictures were so...groovy!

Molly Carlisle said...

I want to tell you I know exactly what you mean by being "known" at home. I absolutely miss that feeling.

MadMup said...

What an awesome idea! I need to look into going to a Beatles tribute concert!!

For some of us, that "being known" has an opposite effect, and it's nice to be with people who don't remember the eraser fight you had in the church basement when you were 11.

Still, though, it's true that "there's no place like home."

Steph said...

It was good to see you this weekend. Sorry it was so brief (meeting in the ladies bathroom while I'm dumping a yucky bottle...is this the story of my life or what? :)
I'm glad you got to go to the concert too - how fun. I'm going with Gary this weekend to his "Legends" thing. I can't wait to be an adult on a date for a day! :) (Kids are with mom and dad - the only way I can truly relax)
PS-Elijah liked your newest pictures - although he was confused if you were "In Danville or far far away"

Anonymous said...

What a fab idea! you looked adorable - as usual! I understand where you are coming from...and hope that you will be able to get that "Known Feeling" back.
I love you!

GloryandGrace said...

Aww, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to read your blog until now. Thanks so much for your little "Hi" on my blog :) Things have been a little high-emotion with my family situation going on, on top of my brain being in overdrive constantly with school and work.

I am SO glad I know you, and that's not as simple as it sounds. I am SO glad I know you, because you ARE the one person I can really be real with and have the freedom to just TALK. I've been here almost two years, and I can still completely relate with what you're saying. My best friend from home is coming next weekend (I'm thinking we need to have a little Sari-Sari on that Saturday, are you game??) and I am BESIDE myself about her visit! And it's because someone is visiting me who knows me, the good bad and ugly.

So I thank you thank you thank you for the friendship we have started to develop, and not in our doing. The Lord has CLEARLY brought you into my life for such reasons as this, and although we talk more over blog comments than in person, I never doubt that I can just be me with you and, like you mentioned in your blog, I don't have to have some alterior reason for talking to you. I love that I can do just that--talk with you!!

Yes, this turned into a long comment, but I wanted to let you know all of that as soon as I finished reading your blog. Much love, grace and peace, sister~

Manda said...

Hey Gret...It was great seeing you this w-end! Thanks for the talk and the encouraging words. I'm looking forward to starting the book we talked about! I'm sure it will be life changing!!!

Heather said...

oh my gosh no dancing! sinner!
I'm just joking...I totally know what you mean about missing home, it's hard to cut ties like that. I can't wait to go back home next year cause this city is kinda getting old.

Gretchen said...

Sara -- why thank you!

szyd -- I think I finally DO know what you have often reflected on via MySpace. I never really got it why you'd be homesick when you lived in such a cool place!

Mup -- I can see what you mean. I mostly had outgrown the dumb phase by the time I moved to Illinoise, so most of my mems of there are of being taken seriously (mostly!)

Steph -- yeah, I TOTALLY missed chatting witcha, but I understand. Cute skirt, BTW. I also neglected to catch Megan on Sunday (but saw Caleb, of course)

Geen -- I knew I could count on you to dig our outfits! You shoulda seen my KILLER (literally, I nearly bit it several times) gold shoes. My calves were rather sore the next day!

Grace -- I totally feel the same! Thanks for being "count-on-able". :) And YES! Hook me UP with the Sari-Sari "brecky"! :) I have SWI saturday that day, but we could go before. . . or I could be a little late . . .

Manda -- did you catch that I was thinking of our conversation when I wrote that about "being real"? Yes, totally GREAT to talk to you! And if you have trouble finding the book, have Julie order it. I've had her get me several copies, so I know she can.

Heathah -- NOOOoooo! I want you to stay Heeeeeeere!

Anonymous said...

Obviously I adore this post!
I will never forget the moment when John Lennon told me he liked my outfit...I was in a word: elated....that was SOOOOOO much fun.
I love you, sissy!