Monday, July 02, 2007

Matters of Prayer

Lately I have been so moved to pray all throughout the day. You know how it is when the Lord keeps pressing certain matters on your heart, and you feel so strongly passionate about it that you are moved to pray over and over, and it doesn't feel repetitive or dry. That is how I've been since Saturday. Here is what I've been praying for, and I hope you might join me!

1. Camp OUTT -- as of right now, we still have plenty of openings. I met with Mandy and Amanda (other leaders) on Saturday, and we are feeling pretty squared away in most areas, and now we're just crying out to the Lord to bring us kids! It seems like a super short notice, but it's so true that all along, God has known which children to bring, and what time to bring them. Would you pray, specifically for more unchurched kids to come?

2. Emma -- my sweetie little sis is in Europe with Word of Life, working in VBS, youth rallies, etc. I am praying for this to be an incredible time of growth and joy in Christ as she ministers all day every day. I'm also praying for her safety -- with the strange events going on in London.

3. Camp -- 2 of my other sisters, Abby and Nancy are at Word of Life Camp in New York. I'm praying for a challenging time of growth and strengthening of faith for them. Particularly, I'm praying for Nancy to be wise and guarded while on the island (if you don't know WoL camp, the senior high campers are on this island which is awesome, but they are sort of free to roam a good part of the day). The kids are also participating in International Teens Involved this week, and I'm really praying for them all to do their best. Abby and Nancy are both in choir, and Abby is in an instrumental/vocal group, praise team and drama. A bunch of other kids in the youth group are also participating in preaching, singing, teaching children, etc. I'm so proud of them, and I wish I were there to encourage them, so I'm praying for them across the miles!

Thanks for joining me in this!

***Edit: I got news that 5 unchurched kids were signed up for Camp OUTT since Sunday -- WOW! It's really exciting to see the Lord answer our prayers! ***

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James and Christen said...

I was just praying for Camp Outt today. Thanks for the update. I am joining you in your other requests.
I cannot tell you how glad I am we are able to talk across the miles. I found "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy Lee DeMoss. So far, VERY GOOD! The forward is by E. Elliot and the chapter I am reading today has loads of quotes from Hannah Whitall Smith!

Enjoy your time in Danville. Hug your mom for me. Tell everyone I said hi and wish I could be there too.