Sunday, July 08, 2007

Which pregnant sister-in-law?

Guess who's here visiting us??
There are prizes for the first correct answer. You must be able to tell me this girl's name. Not mine.


Paul Fuller said...


Gretchen said...

Ummmmmmmm. . .

I think your answer means maybe we are both pregnant.


I am Gretchen, NOT pregnant.

Paul Fuller said...

Wow! I guess my lack of sleep caused me to really misread that post!!! I thought you were saying that one of the two in the picture was pregnant and we had to guess. Now I read it a little more coherently... of course I'm sure this provided a good laugh for you!

Anonymous said...

Kari-bari-fo-fari, fee-fy-fo-lari, KARI, great with child--no dou-buh-tuh.

Where's my prizzle?

Misty, who just figured out how to make posts on this silly google-fied program.

Anonymous said...

qdisoo Easy. I should have read your blog earlier and then I could have won. >:( Who else is pregnant? Besides not you? :)


Sarah said...

Darn it, Misty!!! That was the exact song I was going to sing too!!!
Man, now I just have to state the correct answer in a boring way, I suppose. Cute little Kari--when is she due?
And while we are on the subject, we have talked about this before Gret!!! It is about time, huh???.......:-)

Steph said...

I just about had a heart attach when I read you response to Paul (incorrectly). Thankfully, I stopped right before I started loudly hooping and hollering over you having a little mini Josh or Gret(Isaiah is napping and I'd hate to wake him over false news).
How is it possible that Kari is old enough...wasn't she the little twin in your wedding?(Or do I have her confused?). Time flies!

Steph said...

Ha! I almost had a "heart attach" instead of "attack" my last post - I got three hours of sleep last night (puking Elijah) so it is showing in my typing.

Anonymous said...

Gret Can you send my your address and Misty's address? I'm getting the invites around for Kari's shower. talk to you soon

Gretchen said...

Misty -- WE HAVE A WINNER! Comin' your way in the mail soon. Good thing I already know your address.

Anna -- no-one else I know of. The title question was intended to be a huge clue. she is preg and she is my sister in law. I see now that it was obviously misleading to more than one person. (besides Paul!)

Sar -- She has about 11 weeks. I'm not good at the month thing, but I guess they say she might go early because he's big. Maybe this sister in law in a couple years. :)

Steph -- I believe you do have her confused. Laura is the twin, youngest. Kari was 18 when we got married. She is 24 now! Still little of course.

Anonymous commenter -- I am going to take a stab that you are either Melissa, Laura or Lennis. I will get you both of our addresses ASAP.