Thursday, February 07, 2008

Book signing!

*** EDIT: I was confused. Thanks, Heather, for pointing out that the 9th is a Sunday. The signing will be March 7th.

I am so excited! I am running a book signing with Elyse Fitzpatrick on March 9th at the bookstore! She has written several great counseling books as well as the very popular book Idols of the Heart and Love to Eat, Hate to Eat.

Let me know if you want a book signed that day. I'd be happy to add it to my stack!


Stuart said...

Like, do we need more books then...?

Steph said...

Hey Girl -
You've been tagged for the easiest tag ever! It involves the book closest to you at this moment. Check out my blog and see.:)

Annie said...

Gret, I have two books I want signed! It so exciting that Elise will be at SBTS. ~Annie

GloryandGrace said...

Are you going to the seminar??? If you need more details, let me know!!!

Sarah said...

Ooh, I love her books! If there is a copy of "Idols of the Heart" lying around, I would love to read it this year. I have her "Women Helping Women" and it is excellent for counseling. There is another one coming out by her soon too....I can't remember the title but it looks good.
I am a little jealous of you and your job..... :-)

Gretchen said...

Stu -- I think so

Steph -- I'll have to check it out.

Annie -- you should COME!

Grace -- Sadly, I'll not be making the seminar, but I'd love details!

Sar -- Come down for the conference! You can get lots of books signed then! :)

Elise Benzing said...

how exciting - i would l0ove to meet her and pick her brain. i've read her book "love to eat..." and she is obviously a Christian woman with a heart after God. Her book was a blessing!

Sarah said...

Gret, when is the conference?

Heather said...

yay I'm reading Idols of the Heart right now. But isn't the 9th a Sunday? Can you remind me when it's coming up b/c chances are I won't be able to come but I'd like to try! woohoo.

Sarah said...

Gret, speaking of books, I finally sent your book that you won from got stuck in a pile after the holidays and I totally forgot about it. :-( Sorry!!!

Tina & Todd said...

Hello Gretchen,
I thought you had stopped blogging as my computer wouldn't go into 2008? I enjoy reading them! And your sisters comments also-
I would love to catch up sometime-though it could take a while. It sounds as though your family is doing well.
Tina Murphy (Johnson)

G-Knee said...

Hey! Eylse is here today at our conference! (along with Stuart Scott) Very cool. Love her.