Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can you help me find . . .

I have been looking all over for something, and I cannot find it. This thing exists, I know it, I just have not happened upon it, I guess. I am not a good online shopper for anything besides books, and I'm sure some of you out there do quite well at it.

Here's what I am looking for, in case you have ideas of where to look: some sort of personal library record keeper. I have heard such things be called "a booklover's log" or journal, and that is something I am interested in, but besides just the journal part to record what I'm reading, I want something to record my book lending. Mrs. Mohler has these fabulous "book checks" over which I am extremely envious. She lets her students borrow her books and tear out a check to use as a bookmark, all the while keeping the stub in the original binding so that she will know who has what book. She got hers on clearance at Borders, so that is no help there! I examined them closely one night after class.

Is it possible that this is one thing I simply cannot buy online?? Must I *gasp* go shopping the old fashioned way to try and track down what I am looking for?? I am willing to pay a moderately decent amount for something like this. Who has time to kill clicking away on line??

Who will take the challenge?? (inquiries concerning a stipend will likely be disregarded).


Sarah said...

Here you go, Gret....I hope it will be all you need and more! :-)

Otherwise, you could just print up cute little "checks" of your own on cardstock, and hand them out. It might be cheaper!
Good luck!

Amanda said...

Perhaps this could also help.
Have a blessed Easter!

Gretchen said...

You guys are amazing. You should be personal shoppers! I'm looking at getting the cheaper one first. If it's not enough, I may go for the kit.

Karen said...

Check out this downloadable program. You have to purchase it, but it sounds incredible. I am wondering....if it comes with a Mac? If it does, one more really good reason to purchase an Apple.


Karen said...

Here is the main site.



Anonymous said...

Dear Gret,
Have been reading your blog, and missing you and Josh. I hope you enjoy your "book kit", cause I have one heading your way!

Elise said...

awww! (Lennis! so kind!)

Gretchen said...


NO WAY!! You are so nice!!! Thanks so much. We have been missing you, too. Sorry to miss out on all the action of last weekend.

Will there still be some boxes to help unpack next time we come through? We'd be happy to help!! Can't wait to see everything!


Anonymous said...


You are welcome!

Happily most boxes have been sent to the burning barrel or the storage room. We are still getting settled, but enjoying "country living" so far.


Karen said...

Will you share with us all what you've found? I would be intersted in something like this as well, as I borrow out stamps, history stuff, curriculum, movies and books regularly and have lot track of so many things b/c I don't recall who had them.

Id love to hear what you've found.


Gretchen said...


I'll be sure to do that. Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like I'm going to be trying out that kit soon! I'll be sure to feature it in a future post.