Monday, March 31, 2008

Finish Line -- March Reading Challenge

Okay, fellow bibliophiles, how did you fare? If you were a participant in the March Reading Challenge, and you were able to meet your goal, please leave me a comment below and let me know. I will be drawing for prizes on Friday, so please be prompt in responding!

I enjoyed my reading this month very much! I completed Basbanes' A Gentle Madness, and read chunks of Books that Changed the World. Initially, I'd intended to skim How to Read a Book, but only got through the first few chapters before I ran out of time. I don't think it's possible to begin to read a book like that, and then decide to gloss over the content! Even if it means not quite making my goal, I am happy to finish reading Mortimer Adler's classic work in the future so I can really enjoy it. I'm glad I challenged myself anyway!

For your viewing and pondering pleasure, I've put up a woodcut by Albrecht Durer that I've come to love called "The Book Fool" (from the religious work, The Ship of Fools). It is also on the cover of the gorgeous 600-page book I just finished.
Happy April Fool's Day to you all!

Check back soon for a new installment in my series on the Benzing Family!


MadMup said...

Sadly, I didn't make it. however, I did start "The Odyssey," and will continue reading it until I'm done, so it wasn't all for nothing!

Thanks for the challenge, Gret!

Anonymous said...

Even tho some didn't finish reading by the deadline, or maybe didn't join your challange you have done so much to encourage reading. WTG GRETCHEN!!!!!!
Love ya, Aunt Diane

J.A. Ingold said...

I (barely) finished my books. Though they were both good, I can't recommend Charity and Its Fruits highly enough.

Thanks for the challenge!

Donette said...

I finished with time to spare! I loved "Prince Caspian" and am ready for the movie now, and I even got a start on "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." I was aptly convicted by "Respectable Sins" and should probably read it every few months just to remind me what to be on guard against.

Thanks for the challenge, Gret. It kept me focused in my reading.

J.A. Ingold said...

It's great to hear another recommendation of Respectable Sins. It's near the top of my TBR pile and my anticipation keeps building.

Anonymous said...

barf Gretel...I was so planning on buying "25 ways to win with people" and even had it in my hand in YOUR bookstore! :) But then I ended up not buying it (a few extra expenses on that trip! haha, sob, sob) so I WILL read it...I just have to buy it first! Maybe this month


GloryandGrace said...

So I heard from a VERY trusted source that you ordered the newest Indelible Grace CD at the store yesterday... ;)

While I didn't finish Idols of the Heart in time, I'm still reading through it, and loving it!

Do you guys sell classics at the way of life? I'm looking for a copy of Nicholas Nickleby. With the b-day coming, I wanted to treat myself to a novel I haven't ever read :)

Gretchen said...

Oh, yes, Grace we have that wonderous book in stock here at the way of life!

Karen said...

Hey Gret!

I did not finish. But am thankful for the challenge. I DID finish my mountain of a book, Team of Rivals. That was my priority. I read Uncle Toms Cabin and got 1/2 way through Respectable Sins.

I can already partially recommend the latter. It's been so good so far.

March was crazy. I took my friends 3 boys for 7 days while she vacationed in Texas, the day they left is the day we flew out to MN for the Easter Week. So...while I have an excuse for not finishing, I am not down on myself (this month) because time was spent w/family and minstering.

Maybe next time! Love the challenge idea!

Love you!

James and Christen said...

I am sad to say that I didn't finish by the deadline but I am getting closer!! I have learned so much and am so challenged. I can't wait to tell you all about it when I finish.