Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Literary Happenings

You know how tons of wonderful events tend to fall all with in the same 48 hour time slot, while the rest of your life plods on uneventfully? Perhaps this doesn't happen to you, but it certainly did for me last weekend. All within 24 hours, I attended the following:

  • Farmer's Market featuring the sweet sounds of our friend Matt Shirley (performing at the market with his folk group)
  • Book club brunch -- Great Expectations
  • Jane Austen Festival with my friend Annie
  • 25 cent ice cream day at the Pie and Ice Cream Kitchen
  • Cook-out and sing-along at Blue Gables (named for the Cuthbert-like feel to the place as well as the "Shirley" that dwells therein.

Here are some pictures of the events:

Annie and I with Austen-type characters.

Getting a book signed by the keynote speaker who also wrote this book! Her talk was excellent, titled "Jane Austen for Smarties"

Showing the price of our yummy cones!

Hooray for Bastille day! Freedom and Fireworks for all!

Singing with my friend and talented musician, Rachel Amunrud


nanatrish said...

Looks like you had such a big day! Also, looks like such a fun and full day. Don't you just love literary events? We are living the dream.

Karen said...

Oh, I am jealous! (in a good-for-you way) What fun events you had that weekend! WOW!

Hey, does your bookstore sell the following two books?

Jesus, Made in America, by Stephen Nichols or Anchored in Christ, by Norm Wakefield?

Grammy Reese said...

I love your enthusiasm; I can hear you say the words that you type on your blog!! And, I would have loved to been there for cheap, yummy ice cream. That would maybe have been worth the drive.

jillybean said...

Hey, I will call you tomorrow with CC#. Have been gone on vacation this week, but I'll give you a ring tomorrow. (tying a string on my finger as I type...)

Mia and Shua said...

thanks for sharing about the sale on the Jesus Storybook Bible in your last post. That is a great deal!

Mandy said...

Looks like so much fun Gret! Of course you make everything fun anyway.
Clearly I would not trade my kiddies, but I must say I am totally of jealous of your freedom! We are lucky if we get ONE activity in between naps!

Love and miss you!