Thursday, July 03, 2008

Pastor Daddy

I have on my desk a darling new book published by a terrific church here in Louisville: Sojourn Community Church.
I'm excited because I've been asked to review the book on my blog, as well as consider carrying it in the children's department at our bookstore!

The children's ministry at Sojourn is outstanding. Their children's pastors have given me some of the resources they put together for their families, including book recommendations & family worship guides. The ministry's aim and focus is on the home as the primary source for instilling Christian values, beliefs and practices. It is in this vein that they have published this great little book, Pastor Daddy by Lindsey Blair and Bobby Gilles (members of Sojourn).

Pastor Daddy shows children how both their churches and their homes engage and instruct them in Christian worship: praising, praying, reading Scripture, etc., by showing them side by side on pages facing one another. For instance:

"A church the pastor reads to us -- the Bible in his hands/ We learn about God's love for us and all of his commands"

then opposite

"My daddy reads the Bible, too. I listen to obey. I'm learning how to walk with God and follow in his ways."

The book is written in an appealing rhythmic rhyme, which makes this profound theological concept seem simple and child-appropriate (which it is!). The text is accompanied by a simlilarly simple illustrations -- mostly of children at church and at home. The pictures are simple and childish without trying to be overly cute. I appreciate the simplicity. Many Christian artists seem to think that complex, ornate artwork is the only fitting way to represent big Christian truths, but Tessa Janes (Pastor Daddy illustrator) shows that this is not so. The book reads easily, which is the biggest test (in my opinion) for read aloud.

What a great book for preschoolers! You can pre-order this book from Sojourn, or here. Hey, maybe before too long, you can stop by and see me at the campus bookstore and get a copy there!


Jared Kennedy said...

Thanks Gretchen for the props. We'll work out the "selling at the bookstore" details soon.

GloryandGrace said...

I just heard about this book last week myself. I happen to work with Tessa and had no idea she was an illustrator!! Thanks for the review ;)

Patricia said...

This is cute. I'm interested in this book myself. Let me know when it comes out at a bookstore. Send me an email about when it comes out.

Jared Kennedy said...

Gretchen, I don't need to tell you this, but for everyone else...

Bobby and Lindsey will be reading the book during Story Hour at the Lifeway Campus Store at Southern Seminary on August 29 @ 10 AM