Friday, February 13, 2009

Free Things!

These past couple days have been abundant with cashing in on some free stuff. What with coupons, gift cards, CVS bucks, charity and just generous people, I've been bringing home things left and right.

First, in the basement of our building, they have something called "The Attic" (great name, huh?) where families of the seminary can take 4 free things a week. I got several little baby clothes there (all pink, but you can't help that -- plus they were free). I also picked up a couple things from our church where they have a mother and child clothing room (it was my first visit, but not my last!). Here is a picture. I especially liked the lit
tle pink chucks -- that she obviously won't be able to wear for quite a while, but oh well. I still have not spent a dime on baby clothes yet -- though I was OVERWHELMINGLY tempted last night when I found a Polly Flinder's dress at T.J. Maxx.

Also pictured are a couple free things I got because of my generous friend Rhonda sharing her coupons with me: hairspray, a razor for Josh and toothpaste. I also have 2 free 2-liters of Diet Dr. Pepper, but we didn't get those yet, because yesterday when I was in line at Kroger, the power went out (what is WITH this city?) and I could not be rung up! Oh well, Josh and I will go redeem them after we drink up all the Diet Coke we currently have. I randomly got a magazine in the mail, too. I think it's from my mother-in-law, and I love Real Simple!!

This is the BEST thing I got yesterday (though I can't technically call it free) -- new ultrasound pictures! Poor Josh missed out (he was in class) as I got to see our little girl in her new bigger size, touching her nose and lip with one finger and wiggling her tongue. AMAZING! The good news is that her heart looks like it's normal from what they can tell, so that's great news!

I told Josh yesterday that working hard to save money with coupons and frugality has been a fun challenge, but I've found it's been really tempting not to think that I am the one responsible for all my hard work. I find it harder not to utterly rely on God to take care of our financial needs, because I'm relying on myself instead. Have you found that to be a challenge, my organized, frugal friends? This is a new challenge for me, because I have tended to be so fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, that if it all works out, I KNOW it is God's doing. Now that I'm trying to be intentional, I see myself as the force behind the windfall. How do YOU fight that mentality?


sara's art house said...

Precious little picture of your baby! And I love the hightops too :) I have had some little flowered ones for years that still do not fit Skye, but they look cute on her shelf.

Julie Warner said...

Gretchen, I love your honesty. It is rare! I commend your hard work and resourcefulness as you try to take care of your growing family. It is hard work! I've been working on saving $ on our grocery bill and at the same time trying make sure that my family eats well (lots of veggies, fruit and low amounts of sugar and processed foods). This has proven to be a lot of work! Eisen, our oldest, has really started to eat like a real boy recently and I am starting to fear our grocery bills in the coming years! I've been doing the grocery game for the last 6 weeks and have seen the savings add up. I always get a little thrill when I see how much I saved in coupons that day. Thank you for the reminder that we do not have anything that we have not already been given. I don't want to think that its only my hard work that has allowed us to save, but it is all the grace of God in teaching me and enabling me. He is truly our Jehovah Jira!

I enjoy your blog, its a little bit of Clifton for me and I love it. :)

jillybean said...

My mom worked really hard to find deals, but she always gave the credit to the Lord. She would pray before we stopped at a garage sale that the Lord would help us find whatever thing we were looking for. She would be thrilled to tell someone about how the Lord provided this or that "trivial" thing for her. It's good to plan and search and be resourceful. Like Julie said in the comment above, God is helping you and enabling you to save in this way. You are acting like an ant. :) (not to imply that you were acting like the sluggard before) :)

The Murray Crew said...

Gret - soooooo love the baby shot. I love her/him already!

I wanted to share this link with you, since YOU are the one who hooked me up with this precious treasure to begin with...thanks, friend!

Jen the Hen

Katie A. said...

Walgreens Rebates are another way to get cool free stuff. They have the rebate catalog in the stores. This month I got lip gloss, cold prevention cough drops, shampoo, and a heat wrap for free. You do have to pay for the items and then sign up for the rebates, either online (faster and easier way to get your money back) or my mail. You can either get a check back for the amount you spent on the items or you can choose to get a Walgreens gift card loaded with the amount plus 10% because you chose the gift card option. We have found the gift card option better because you get the price you paid for the item plus more than your tax back (at least in KY). Most of the time they have great items for free, especially when school is about to start in the fall.

Sarah said...

First off....I adore the Converse!!! Those are like $25 normally! Good dealing, Gret. :-)

Second, I just love thinking of you guys holding your little girl very soon. So exciting!

Thirdly, I was just telling my friend the other day that frugal shopping is sometimes hard for me. I have to restrain myself from becoming proud and wasting too much time on it. It is rewarding, though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gret,

Want to hear what I got free( I usually have nothing to say about free stuff) :) I got a coupon from CVS. All I had to do was get a new prescription filled there that I had never had before. Guess what? I got sick and needed antibiotics! HOORAY. hee hee... The Z-Pak cost me $10 but was kind of free because I have medical spending account, and I got a $25 gift card for free. !!!! :) I bought razor blades and a blow dryer.

Heather said...

the subscription is from me, late Merry Christmas. I thought you'd enjoy it while you're waiting for baby, not sure if you'll get to read it much when she arrives! Love ya!