Monday, May 25, 2009

Action-packed day!

My co-worker told me I needed to write about my busy day today on my blog. I think she thinks I'm straight up nuts at 39 weeks pregnant. So here it is:

I ran home during my lunch break as usual, and laid out everything for the wedding I was going to attend after work. I was so busy rushing around doing little chores, I didn't really eat lunch, and I tried to leave to go back to work early so that I could leave work a touch early today. So I ran out the door, turning the lock and as soon as I got outside (with my leftover chinese food in hand that I didn't have time to eat) I realized:

I'm locked out and my keys are in the apartment!

Josh was working downtown -- no car. I had it, but no keys.

I whipped out my phone, called work to tell them I'd probably be late coming back (of course everyone I call thinks I'm calling because I'm in labor). Then I call my friend who keeps our spare key. Funnily enough she had texted me at the beginning of my lunch break to offer me a ride to the hospital if I needed it today. But when I tried to call her to get my spare key, no answer.

Good thing I didn't need a ride to the hospital! Haha! :)

They live about a mile and a half away. Without another thought, I set down my chinese food and set off for their apartment with just my purse and beverage (it was muggy -- wait, sort of sprinkling) on foot. I am sweaty immediately. I text Josh to see if he has my friend's husband's phone number. He does and I try calling him -- no answer. Josh is slightly concerned for me. I'm walking to their house and maybe they are not there! I try calling other friends who live really nearby to see if anybody is just chilling at home and wants to pick up a pregnant girl in her LifeWay uniform. No answer.

As I walk, I make 12 back-up plans. They were all pretty good. I know other people who live in the same apartment complex I was walking to. I'd try their house first. If they weren't home, I'd go through my cell-phone starting with whomever lived closest/would be willing to come fetch me. I did not plan to walk home again! Someone could drive me downtown to get my key from Josh OR to our church because I knew our friends would be going to the wedding and maybe I could track them down there to get my key.

Well, as it turns out as I walked up the drive at my friend's apartment complex, her husband was coming out to look for me. The rain streamed down RIGHT when I got in the car. It took all of 2 minutes for him to drive me back to my house, and let me run in to grab my keys.

I was back to work only a half-hour late.

Now, wouldn't that be WAY more exciting if, say, my water broke as I walked forlornly down Brownsboro Road?

Not what I hoped to accomplish during my lunch break, but as CJ Mahaney says "Only God gets His to-do list done every day!"


Sizzledowski said...

This made me laugh. I love reading your stories. :) And I'm glad your water didn't break, although you're right---the story could've been EVEN MORE exciting!!


megan said...

So funny! Glad you have record of it now on your blog! I remember whenever I would call Kara and I was pregnant with Caleb, she would go crazy! I would leave a message at her house saying "I'm not in labor, just have her call me!" I turned out to be 10 days late, so apparently, Caleb was in NO hurry! :)

homebutnotalone said...

I suppose at 39 weeks you should be thankful you can walk!! never mind run - praying all goes well for you Gretchen .........

Sandy said...

gotta love pregnancy brain..

....t said...

Oh Gret that had to be pretty stressful.i get the feeling from this blog and the status about dancing labor will come shortly. i wish that i could see you. i have a pretty good record for being able to observe a mama and can tell them pretty closely to when their labor will start. Praying for you,especially for the next 24hours. Love you....t

Anonymous said...

hee hee! I sang a song for you about this on your Facebook. Just think to the tune of "Mama gets the bacon fried". HEE


Fran R. said...

You SHOULD write a book, I mean, really, you should, on any topic... such a way with words, and I haven't smiled like this is a long time, so thanks, honey. Hey, let us know when the water really does break. Just calmly sit down at the computer and e-mail everyone!! Just kidding. God bless you, Josh, and ???