Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thoughts on Motherhood

18 days into my journey as a mother, I'm loving and appreciating this new role more than I ever thought possible. I'm also more overwhelmed than I ever thought possible. It certainly is a learning game -- I would describe it as starting a new career where you have to learn to do everything the job requires without very much (or mixed) instruction. You obviously can't learn a new job all at once -- it takes a while, and you learn things bit by bit. Here are a few things I have learned, or have been surprised to discover:

1. I do not mind late night feedings. My precious Susan is so wonderful to spend that sweet time with! I do love it that she needs me, and that it's just her and me at that time. I do love it when she goes right back to sleep, too. :)

2. God's design for motherhood is amazing. I am continually surprised by the instincts that have kicked in -- in just a matter of days. I have never been a huge baby person, and everyone assured me it would be different when it was MY baby. They were right! I am humbled to see the way God has designed me.

3. We're taking one day at a time. . . well, it's more like one feeding or nap at a time. I think I could describe my parenting these past 2 weeks as a form of Flexible Attachment Scheduling. :) It's really true that each family has to figure out what works for THEIR child, and their lives together! What a joy to discover, though!

4. The Lord answers the prayer of His child when she prays for wisdom. The other night I was afraid that I was not producing enough milk for Susie (she just seemed really hungry all the time for a couple days, and I was feeding her a lot, but had nothing left!), and we had one particularly difficult evening when I was crying harder than she was. :*) Hormones, grieving for my mom, and sleep-deprivation played into these tears, but as I calmed down, I asked the Lord to give me wisdom -- or show me a good source for wisdom. He graciously provided my cousin Corrie to give me some input on nursing, and several other encouraging people (including my kind husband!) to help me navigate those rocky days. James does say that if we lack wisdom, to ask God for it! THANK goodness!

5. Josh and I are like kids at Christmas with that cute baby! I love sharing the fun with him. We both think she is utterly adorable, and that she already has a fun personality. We're grabbing the camera every 2 seconds -- I see now why there are only 2 million MORE pictures of my brother than there are of me. 2 adults with one baby to watch -- that means there is always one set of hands to be snapping away. :)


Elizabeth said...


I must admit I chuckled when I read the part about when you were crying harder than the baby. Not cause I thought it was funny, but because I can so relate!! Oh how well I remember being so tired and being so unsure of what I was doing.

You're doing a great job with Susie- she is blessed with wonderful parents!

Keep enjoying her!


Barb said...


I think most mothers can relate. I know I certainly wondered numerous times if I was doing things right. I ended up with 2 great kids in spite of myself! Happy Father's Day to Josh.

Anonymous said...

That first picture is absolutely adorable!
I noticed how you and Josh are such a team! That is so wonderful, and it makes me think that I might possibly be able to handle having a baby someday. :) It was great to have you guys here!

-Auntie Em

Jason and Andrea said...

I can certainly relate to those early days of stressing about feedings and the tears flowing so easily. Taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him. Ps 34:8

And I thought you just looked like an old pro at mothering!! Really Susie and you both look terrific!

Kimberly Kitchens said...

Susie is so blessed to have such wonderful parents. You are right, parenting is about learning...I am still learning and I am on number 3. You seem so natural with Susie. I love seeing all of your million pics of Susie. I really need to get the camera out more often for Caleb. I also relate to the "crying harder than the baby" but it happened with Providence. One sleepless night she and I were both crying and I was thinking what have we done; how will I ever be able to parent 2 kids. Well God helped me figure it out and even blessed us by adding Caleb to our family. And I think one of the best things about parenting is having a husband who is just as excited as you are to be a parent and is willing to help out so much. Little girls love their Daddy's so much and it is very important for them to have that relationship.

Fran R. said...

You two will make great parents. I am not surprised that every moment is a gem for you. Enjoy your little one. And, I love that you are hearing your mother's words coming from your lips. How precious is that.. Last night I was in the nursery. Her name comes up every time. Watery eyes that speak of her with love. Blessings, Fran