Saturday, June 06, 2009

We love you, Aunt Abby

My sister Abby has been staying with us this week, to help with the baby. We have had such sweet times together, and I cannot be thankful enough for her help! She is only 16, but showed incredible maturity and flexibility in her willingness to be helpful. She slept on the couch, which meant she couldn't go to sleep until everyone else decided to leave the living room at night, and each night she sleepily told me "I'm not that tired, so let me know if you want me to help." I will never forget how, on the first night, she offered to help get Susie through a stretch until it was time for her to eat again. I stumbled to bed, and that 45 minutes of shut eye were so refreshing. Abby woke me up "sorry, Gret, but she's really ready to eat now." I couldn't believe it! I hadn't heard a peep, because Abby had patiently cuddled Susie and kept her passy in so I could get a little rest. Abby has also been so deferential, always asking me if it was okay if she did something, which was such a kind way to treat a new mom who probably knows less about babies than her teenage sister!

I am so thankful for Abby's help these past few days. She did the job my mom would have done, and she did it sweetly, and happily. Abby is a baby expert. She should be; she learned from the best -- Sue Benzing! I know Mom would be so proud of how we are taking care of each other -- and not just the older kids taking care of younger. Abby has really taken care of me this week by caring for Susie. I will never, EVER forget it! Here are some pictures of Susie with Aunt Abby and some of the things we did together:

She taught Susie to take a passy. I wasn't going to try it yet, but it really has helped sometimes! It hasn't slowed down her eating at all!

Helped give Susie her bath -- which she has loved! There is just nothing cuter than a little wet slickery baby. Abby gave Sus this pink giraffe towel, so we will always think of Auntie Abby at our bathtime.

Took Susie for her first ride in the stroller. I can go for walks, but the doctor told me to wait a couple weeks before pushing the stroller. But Aunt Abby can push it for us, and we had a nice walk around the park (Susie snoozing the whole time) in the gorgeous June sunshine. (I guess this picture hasn't uploaded yet -- but I'll add it later).

And of course -- took a MILLION cute pictures! Sometimes a camera phone can capture those little faces better than a regular camera. So, thanks to Aunt Abby, we have some priceless shots of Susie's gorgeous face.

I love you so much, Aunt Abby. You can come stay any time!


Rachel W said...

She is so beautiful, and TINY! My Clara Anne was almost 8 pounds, and then I had two almost 10 pounders, so a 6.5 pound baby really looks tiny! Those pictures of her with your hand in them really show her beautiful tiny-ness! So glad that your sister has been with you, and that you've taken so many pictures. Susie will never be this small again!

We are rejoicing with you even as the grief for your mom is fresh and new again. I pray the Lord will help you have joy even amidst your grief this week, even as He blessed you with a worshipful heart as you were going through the pains of labor! That was such an encouraging testimony!

I'll also be praying for sleep this week! Glad to see you're reading babywise--we used it with all three girls and couldn't have been more pleased with how they did, in fact, learn to sleep on their own, quite early on. Blessings to you!

Love in Him,
Rachel W

Anonymous said...

I was just talking about "Aunt Abby" being SUCH a help to you! I missed her this week, and Dad said the house was empty without her! :) What a little servant/nanny, and a great little sister.! Love her!


....t said...

Way to go Aunt Abby!!!!! Having some reliable to help, "mommy" for those first days home from the hospital is a MAJOR blessing!! You have done such a wonderful job. You think that Aunt Abby and Susie will always be close....t

Anonymous said...

Oh Gretchen,
God's special gift to us, Sisters.
What a great way God provided for you with such loving care.
Love you all, Aunt Diane

Anonymous said...

Gretchen! Such a beautiful and well written post :) Your Mom would definitely be VERY proud of all you girls and the way you help eachother!! I love to read your blog. And such a sweet girl Abby is!! =) sioby

Fran R. said...

You are right. Abby did learn from the best. All of you girls did. The pictures are so precious. Take care of yourself. God has truly blessed.

Mark and Laura said...

She is beautiful! I too was rushed into an emergency c-section with my most recent baby. I was so thankful for nurses and doctors who were so skilled to know what to do and get it done quickly. Praise the Lord for the safe arrival of your little Susie.

I am so glad that your sister has been able to be there to help you out. Recovering from a c-section is a long and difficult process and I am so glad that in the absence of your mom your little sister is able to step in and do some of those things that your mom would have wanted to do. What a blessing!

We'll be praying for you during these next several weeks as you adjust to your new life of being a mommy.

In Christ,
Laura Lee (Christen's sister)

Tina and Todd said...

Gretchen - what a priceless gift you have been given of your dear sister! I am sure Abby will treasure that time also .... I have been praying for you - during this time of joy and yet longing to share it with a mom (I actually do understand this as you know). Liam's birthday is tomorrow and my mom/parents have plans so aren't coming ... sad what they are missing! I miss your mom for you as you write about her as she was truly what God created a mom to be! Sorry to babble - Love ya