Thursday, March 25, 2010

Make me laugh!

I'll soon be posting about a new WONDERFUL children's book, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share some light-hearted tales of my niece. . . who NEEDS to be a character of a children's book. Seriously, she's inspirational. She's 3 years old, and spends a good part of her day with my teenage sister and my dad (Mom used to be her babysitter before she passed away). So the adult world/teenage world is her world. For example:

When she was 2, she picked up my sister's cell phone and said "I'm gonna text. . . this is how old I am. . . " and sure enough, she texted a 2. She could access the pic
tures on my dads phone, and 2 of my sisters' phones, which was a way she entertained herself.

She's all about letters lately. Today, apparently she said "this starts with 'P'." And posed like she is in the picture here. Pout.

Here is a conversation she had with Abby (my sister) the other day when she found a rattle:

Cede: "You can have this rattle if you have a baby in your house"

Abby: "I don't have a baby in my house"

Cede: "You have a kid-baby. . . Me."

Abby: "Whatever!"

Cede: "That's an impolite retort."

I guess that's what Dad says when one of the girls says "whatever".

Once when she was watching Snow White, she started being frightened of the mirror, but promptly talked herself out of the fear: "Oh, it's not real. . . it's not real, is it? It's just fake, probably a mask. . . and probably squishy".

Here is how she randomly posed one night while we all lounged on the couch. I assure you she was not being coached behind the scenes and we did not know she looked like this until later.

Anyway, I figured we all could use a few more reasons to smile right now!


James and Christen said...

I love, "That is an impolite retort!" Thanks for the smiles and by the way, I am SO glad you are back on blogger. Facebook just doesn't work that good for me. I can't check it often enough to keep up with people.

Gretchen said...

Oh, thanks, Christen! I'm glad, too. I'm so thankful to finally have more time on my hands! Enjoying reading again, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, you should have seen that character when we left for our vacation...waiting for Nathan to pick her up as we are loading the van in the pouring rain...I finally noticed her...softly was SO SAD! She said, "I want to go with youuuu!" OF COURSE! that pooooooor sing. :( I miss her SO MUCH!..kinda surprised really that we didn't bring her! :)


Gretchen said...

Anna -- I was hoping we could take her with us to South Carolina since Nate and Janet have the weekend to remember that weekend. What a preshy.

Anonymous said...

She is soooo funny! The mirror being squishy thing makes me laugh everytime! I really should start writing things down. :)

Tina and Todd said...

She certainly must be Nathan's child:) How adorable! And I can hear your dad saying"That is an impolite retort." :) He has a way with words ... I remember him always telling me 'hate' is a strong word - I used to say it often:)