Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby's Hug-a-Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones

I loooooove Sally Lloyd-Jones's writing. Love it. I have raved in the past about the popular Jesus Storybook Bible, and I've tried to keep up with her latest titles ever since I discovered her. So how could I be happier than when I had the opportunity to review her newest book on my blog? And it was a book specifically for babies!! And I have a baby to read it to!!!

Susie and I were filled with glee when Baby's Hug-a-Bible arrived in the mail. Well, at least I was sure enthusiastic, and generally Sus is happy when I hand her something new that she's allowed to put in her mouth. We've been reading it together at bedtime, and I would like to give this b
ook my resounding stamp of approval!

First of all, this book is incredibly God-centered. Each page spread is one picture and one Bible story. Except that, instead of the typical "Daniel was brave. . . you be brave too. . . Noah played with animals. . . do you like animals" kind of stuff you often see in kid's (especially little kids or baby) Christian books, this book is just amazingly God-centered. I'll give examples at the end.

Second, each page has application. Now, I understand that I am reading this to a baby. But keep in mind -- I am a grown up. I need the
application, even if my baby does not completely understand it. How many times have I been getting ready to lay my baby down in her bed for her good night's sleep, and I have to recite a Psalm and spend time in prayer, verbally reminding myself that she belongs to the Lord and I can entrust her to Him as she sleeps. I know I am not alone in this! Parents of small children (and especially babies) continually have to fight that battle of worry or fear. . . and reading excellent Christian books to that babe, such as this one, will help arm you in battle.

Third, it is written in a pleasing, easy-to-read aloud rhyming way. Rhyming books are my favorites for babies!! Each page is like its own little poem, containing a bit about the Bible story, questions about God and concludes with application. Here is an example from my favorite page:

"God helps Baby Moses
Exodus 1-2

Who saved a baby in a boat?
Who kept that baby's boat afloat?
Who loved that baby in the reeds?
Who knows just what a baby needs?

Who cares for you in just that way?
And gives you all you need today?
Yes, God's the one, who, day by day,
Will care for you in every way!"

Can you see how reading something like that would remind you of God's character, and his mighty acts in the past, and help you learn to trust him who "day by day will care (for your baby) in every way!"? I look forward to the day when Susie and I read this book together and I can pause after the first section and have her little voice answer "GOD!!" Oh, how I long for her to love and know Him!

Thank you, Sally, for using your clever writing to create something just for the youngest children whose parents want to bring up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.


James and Christen said...

Sounds like a great one. I am thinking right now about who I could buy it for!!

I am sure that Susie and you will enjoy much time reading this precious book.

You are so right about parents needing to be challenged by the books they read to their kids. Both James and I have been so challenged and encouraged by the Jesus Storybook Bible and the Big Truths for Young Hearts. We are almost done reading Big Truth,(by Dr. Ware) together with the kids and are planning to start Heaven for Kids by Randy Alcorn.

We aren't sure what all they are retaining but we really feel like it is valuable for them to be introduced to these things at a young age.


Gretchen said...

Christen -- I have a signed copy of Big Truths for Young Hearts that Dr. Ware gave me and Susie at a book signing he was doing! Have only read a few chapters, though. I had Abby bring Susie over to the event, because I wanted to tell her someday that she was there. I saved the picture she colored in her baby book.

Josh is planning for us to use that book for our family devotions when Sus gets a little older. Glad to hear you all are reading and enjoying books together!

oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

So fun! I found you via Sally Lloyd Jones' blog...looks like our babies both love their HugaBibles!

I posted a review, too and used the exact same story you did!

Can't wait to look around your blog!

Janna said...

I agree completely with this post! If I don't enjoy the book or find application to me than I rarely keep it or check it out. I think both of us can be fed even when it comes to kidlit.

I love your blog. I'm sure it helps that our philosophies are so much the same.

There's a website called Impress Your Kids and she loves Sally too! I admit I have yet to enjoy her books but will have to look into them.

Your susie is a cutie and esp. in her hats!

We'd love to have you at Feed Me Books Friday. Several of your posts are already perfect for linking up.

The Kings said...

You'll be pleased to know that some Nashville musicians have just released an album that sets this book to music!

It's called Rain For Roots, and you can grab it here: