Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Get to Go!

Today through Thursday is the Together for the Gospel Conference here in Louisville. I just found out that a friend of ours, Shu Wong, cannot go, even though he paid for the registration, so he's letting me go in his place! WOW! A few weeks ago I was feeling really left out about missing everything, but it turns out I can go to the session tonight and tomorrow afternoon (I get off work early!).

It's been crazy around here. I've seen people from college (Ben Wright, various Wredbergs, Luke Akin) at chapel and in the bookstore, and I'm hoping to see some people from my Illinois past as well (Pastor Kim, Kirby, Scott Gunter). Plus my cousin Elizabeth's husband Paul! I wonder who else?

If you are reading this, will you be there?


Beth said...

Boo Hoo- now I feel left out and want to go! Paul has been looking forward to this for a long time. I'm glad you get to go!

Name: Karen said...

Oh, I'd love to be there. But told my husband to go to the bookstore and tell you 'hi' for me. His feet would normally never grace a bookstore (unless I was with him begging)

Oh, you are so blessed to be able to attend! How rich!

Enjoy! Maybe in 2010 if the Lord tarries. I would have a 15 year old then. I could maybe do that then!

Have fun and learn lots!


Anonymous said...

No. I'm in Bahrain. But have fun!

Remember me? I'm someone from your Illinois past. My last name used to be Cornelius.

Tom Coughlin said...

I really would have loved my wife being there at the conference with me. If the Lord will enable me to go in 2010, my wife will be going with me. I'm sure that you were very blessed.


Tom Coughlin

Paul Sr. said...

Great to see you & Josh at t4g. That was a powerful event. Check out my post on it for a Pastor's perspective.
I told Josh that if you ever find yourselves driving down 75 through Ga. to call us & plan to spend the night. We'll feed you good.
Paul Dziadul