Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In Honor of My Mentor

Tonight was our final event for the Pendergraph Women's Ministry on campus. I'm in charge of coordinating the food, and we decided to have a tea (to my delight!). The seminary graciously let us borrow this gorgeous tea service and glass teacups for 200. Along with a variety of tea sandwiches, cookies and scones (complete with clotted Devonshire cream and lemon curd) it made a lovely spread, as you can see by the pictures. I chose some of my favorite teas for the occasion -- PG Tips and Twinings -- and served them with cream, lemon, honey and sugar cubes.

The event was on women mentoring women, and each board member was in charge of decorating a table in honor of her mentor. I did mine in honor of DiAnne Humrichous, who was mentor in ministry to children. I've written about Miss DiAnne before -- she was wonderfully gifted. Her daughter Jill sent me these pictures to complement the layout. I put my Bible and a little lamp to highlight DiAnne's love for the Word. She memorized chapters and chapters of the Bible, and taught generations of children to do the same. I also put out a vase of roses -- her signature! My friend Jill even named her daughter Lauren Rose in honor of her mother, because DiAnne loved roses so much.

I was so blessed to be with so many godly women who love Christ supremely and serve Him with their lives. Here is a picture of my friend and helpe
r, Rhonda, who worked as my assistant on the board this year. This sister has been a surprise new friend for me this year. I'm always in awe of who God brings into our lives to encourage our walk with him. Who has influenced your life in Christ?

If you like tea, please check out Gracious Hospitality -- she is featuring a tea marathon on her blog, with links to many others.


La Tea Dah said...

I enjoyed your lovely post about your tea ministry. Thank you for sharing pictures and details of your event. It sounds like you worked hard and did a lovely job! It's wonderful that God provides mentors for us as women --- and the opportunity to also mentor to other women as we grow older. Sharing together, as you did with your tea, is meaningful and helpful in inspiring others for Christ.

Would you mind putting a 'link' to Gracious Hospitality somewhere in your post so that others who read your blog may be led back to the posts of others who are participating as well? Thank you, Gretchen.

May God bless you with a wonderful 'rest of the week'.


Gretchen said...

Oh sure! I'm sorry I forgot!

ellen b said...

Hi Gretchen,
Looks like a marvelous celebration you pulled off. It's great to be able to honor those in ministry. Well done...

nanatrish said...

It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful event. I wish I could have attended. I have recently started reading your blog and I love it. You seem as though you have such a sweet spirit. What a great idea! I am anxious to read more about your mentor. I haven't figured out how to make a blog yet, but I look forward to it.

jillybean said...


Thanks for honoring my mom in this way! You put together a lovely and significant table in her honor. I love to see and hear about the ministries you are involved with. Significant and purposeful!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gret, Isn't it amazing how God lead us to CBC. We have ministerd and been ministered in so many ways. Often at the time descions are being made we have no ideaa the impact they will have on ours and others lives. But God's best is slways so exciting. Love ya, DAD

Anonymous said...

Could you please point me to some info on mentoring...I know some churches that do, but I love your idea and celebration. Anything would help...we just saw one of our young ladies come back to the :Lord through our prayer group and I know she along with others need mentoring. We have discipleship, but I love this idea.
Thanks, Aunt Diane

Andrew Randazzo said...

Continuing on in our efforts to be Gospel-centered in our blogging, the Band of Bloggers network has been created. Join us as we seek to unify and encourage each other.


Gretchen said...

Aunt Diane,

I will work on that. I'll either do a follow-up post or send you an message. Thanks for asking!


....t said...

Gret, what an impressive tea you gave. If you check my last blog i have some questions about a wedding shower for Molly. If you have time could you please read it and send any thoughts that you might have my way???....t