Friday, April 04, 2008

Prizes and Packages

The March Reading Challenge is officially closed. I hear from many of you that you dove right in and appreciated the challenge to read more or certain things. We'll have to pull it out again next year! Here are the winners of the 2008 Challenge:

1st place -- Donette. She wins the C.S. Lewis mug -- top prize that fits her book choice well (Prince Caspian). Nett, send me an e-mail with your address, and I'll drop your prize in the mail. Or maybe you can promise to meet up with me the first of May when we go to MBBC for graduation!

2nd place -- J. A. Ingold. He wins the Booklover's Borrow Book. John, you only are getting second place because you admitted you "barely" finished. However, you win the bonus prize of having your prize hand delivered on your own doorstep in just a few days! Along with the prize you get a 4-day visit from Josh and Gretchen! (Confused readers, Josh and I are going to D.C. during spring break, and the kind Ingolds have graciously offered to host us!).

Finally, I wanted to shout out to the best mother-in-law in the world, Lennis, for this cute Personal Library Kit! My camera is not cooperating, so I'll have to load pictures, later, but the kit is quite charming. It makes me want to play library! Who wants to check something out? Stamp, stamp! Thanks, Lennis!


Sara Mincy said...

Congratulations Donette!

J.A. Ingold said...

That's great! I'm very excited. Too many books walk off. Now I'll be able to track down and harass the guilty parties. Thanks!

Donette said...

Woo Hoo for me! Wow, thanks Gret for sponsering such a fun contest. I can't wait to get my mug and to pour some Highlander Grogg into it. I am so excited!!!

jillybean said...


I will look for such a picture, but I'm having a hard time thinking of where one might be. Anyway, I will start digging. What is your time frame? When do you need it by?

Molly Carlisle said...

when are you in d.c.??? I AM IN D.C.!!

Brenna said...

Gretchen, when are you going to start another challenge?