Friday, May 23, 2008

Bookish events

I've recently had some fun book-centered events, both at home and at the bookstore where I work. It began a couple weeks ago, with an evening of tea and reading Elisabeth Elliot excerpts with my friends, and fellow EE admirers Canaan and Annie. It was such a blessing and an encouragement to share this together, I'm not sure why we hadn't done so sooner!

Look at the spread -- isn't it amazing?? Annie's teacups, Canaan's strawberries and my scones with Devonshire clotted cream and lemon curd. Delightful!

The three of us in a self-timer shot. Look at the pile of books that await!

Annie reads to us from Keep a Quiet Heart.

Here are some shots from our Prince Caspian event this morning. We read 2 parts of Prince Caspian (where Lucy hopes for the trees to awake) and then made tree people by tracing our hands on brown p
aper for the trunk and adding faces and decorations. Here Lydia and I work on her funny tree with the long long limbs. I traced her fingers to go off the end of the page so the tree's branches were long and skinny and she thought they were funny.

This is another Lydia, who was dressed like Queen Lucy for the occasion. I love how well these kids around here can
read! They must grow up in reading homes (with Dad in Seminary, I'd imagine so!).

Providence's smile got tired before the camera got finished, but don't you love her tree-girl? She had a mommy who could draw faces! At least Providence's tree has a happy face!

This is Hannah, our one teenage attendee. I'm glad she got into the spirit! She and I we
re the only ones who had seen the movie, so we had lots to share.


Mia and Shua said...

You are too cute!

Brenna said...

Sounds like a delightful night!

Rebecca said...

Gretchen, I am constantly and consistanly amazed by you!!!!

Sara Mincy said...

CUTE TREES!!!!!! I will have to try that with my kids.

Karen said...

Okay...I made clotted cream and lemon curd for the first time for my Neighborhood Tea at Christmas. I must have your scone recipe. I like mine, but am always looking for a new one to try. I loved the lemon curd and my clotted cream wasn't anything great. It was just heavy whipping cream if I remember right. What did you do?

Fun pictures. I am going to get my reading list up for summer. Hopefully today!

nanatrish said...

I absolutely love your blog. I learned about it from Brenna's blog,Expressions of Grace. The books you recommend I copy down and then take my little list to the bookstore. Your get together sounded so fun and the food looked so yummy!

Gretchen said...

Karen, confession: mine is store-bought. My friend was a supervisor at World Market and would pass on her discount to me. I have never made my own, but I LOVE the store bought stuff!