Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reading Roundabout

I came across this splendid idea of a "Reading Roundabout" on Elaine's MummyMac blog. This North Ireland woman loves books and reading, and puts that love to work by encouraging the women in her church in a practical way. A reading roundabout is a new twist on a book club, and I can see how it works better with books that spur on our growth in Christ. Elaine chooses only theological works, solid devotional books or Christian biographies for the ladies in the roundabout to read. She is very intentional about her choices.

Why not put together a roundabout for your church, or a group of your friends? Elaine advises buying one book per member of the roundabout, (12 ladies, 12 books, 12 months is the simplest, obviously, but any would do) and mixing the books up so you won't get 2 of the same genre 2 months in a row. Elaine says "We don't put any pressure on the ladies to show that they have read all the books. Not every lady reads every book but they do receive one each month and generally all are read. The Roundabout is a tool to help others not only to read, but to read a wider range of books than they may choose to read themselves. We discuss the book during private conversation and also informally during our ladies nights at church."

Include in each book a list of guidelines, such as: pass the book on at the end of the month, even if you have not completed it, use the roundabout as a tool for edifying conversation with the other women, give the books back to the leader at the end so she can donate them to the church library. I really liked the idea that you are to use what you are reading as a source for edifying conversation with the women in your group. This could truly become a source of growth and Christian encouragement for you! Consider putting together a reading roundabout using some of the books I recommend here, or something from the suggestions Elaine has accumulated over on her blog.

Don't you love her clever idea?


Annie said...

This seems like a great way to spur on good conversation among Christian ladies and push beyond the mundane. Seems easy enough to implement. Hmm...could we have a roundabout at CBC after the summer??

Gretchen said...

Annie -- I love the way you think! I'm all for it!

Anonymous said...

I would love to start a book club at our church. The roundabout sounds like a good idea.

jen said...

I love this idea. I was contemplating a book club at our church, but not sure it would work with our church ladies. This sounds great- thanks for sharing!

GloryandGrace said...

I was just told last week that I need to read Kilmeny of the Orchard :)

mummymac said...

Thanks Gretchen - anything to promote reading eehh?

As one of your commentators says it definitely pushes ladies to read more than the excellent wife, excellent homemaker style books.

Another advantage over a book club is that with a book club everyone has to purchase the book which can be beyond some peoples means, for us donating £2.00 towards new books (which will buy us about 5 new books each year), but it doesn't break anyones bank.

On our first year we didn't buy any books, but just used the church library and our own books to come up with the required amount. In other words it doesn't really have to cost anything!