Sunday, June 15, 2008

VBS Time!

So this week, I'm anticipating being rather absent from the blogosphere. We have VBS at church this week, and I'm the co-director. Josh is leading a tribe, so preparing lessons and so forth. I am running the opening and closing gatherings, helping with songs, etc. We are pretty much just going to work and then living, eating, breathing and sleeping VBS. I'm so stoked! This was one of the best weeks of my summer last year. We've sort of gone with a "Build your own" VBS. Here's what we're doing:

Theme: Group's Galilee by the Sea (okay, yes, we bought last year's curriculum off e-bay to save money!)
Lessons: Our gifted members at Clifton wrote lessons to use that are gospel-centered and Jesus-focused. We are focusing on the life and ministry of Jesus (hence, Galilee -- last year was Bethlehem and next year will be Jerusalem).
Music: Getty music's "Songs Jesus Said". These kid songs are upbeat and fun, but all written based on a passage of Scripture. Lots of fun.
Outreach: We send a van to a nearby low-income neighborhood that we've heavily advertised in, and shuttle kiddos by the dozens down to the church. We're anticipating 100-120 kids total.

So, that's what we're doing. Maybe at some point this week, I'll have a spare moment to post some photos, but until then, let me know what you're doing for VBS this summer at your church! What is your theme, your role in the program? Do you do week-long VBS or stretch it all summer on Wednesday nights? How does your church focus on reaching the community with VBS? Has your church found they can work with what is out there, or do you "build your own" as well?

Let's talk VBS on Gret-Reads-247 this week!

***Edit: The Lord gave us 128 kids on our opening night! WOW! What a blessing!

*** Edit #2: I think we've topped out at 148 kids, I can't really imagine where else we could put more. We've been so blessed with faithful volunteers who show up night after night to love those kids for Jesus' sake! I've only got 1 picture so far, but these 2 girls were so adorable. We've been packing them in on the vans, so we had to overhaul the "van plan" if you will. We now have 6 pick up vehicles, 12 leaders, 250 color coded wristbands and a lot of energy by a lot of kind people. Praise the Lord!


Mia and Shua said...

Hey Gret,
A while back you had a reading list of must reads for women, could you point me in the right direction to getting back to that post? thanks! hope VBS goes really well!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great VBS week. Our church usually does a one-week VBS in the mornings in July, though this year we won't be having VBS.

nanatrish said...

Your VBS sounds great. Our theme for VBS last week was a Power Lab theme. All about science experiments and showing the power of the Lord. Some of my best memories of childhood were being a VBS junkie. I would go all through the neighborhood to the different programs. I did the crafts,learned the lessons and scriptures and just enjoyed being with kids in the summer. What a great legacy you are building! I always love your enthusiasm and look your book recommendations. You go Girl!

First and Twentieth said...

Dear miss Gret,
I wish I could've been there!!!
Sounds like you guys had a big turnout and lots of fun!