Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Comforts from the Cross

I just found out about this new title by Elyse Fitzpatrick, being published by Crossway in March. I was so blessed by her book Because He Loves Me that came out last spring -- this looks like it will be along the same lines: shorter passages to read everyday to cause us to reflect on the gospel! I would read a few paragraphs of Because He Loves Me each morning right before work, and it was so encouraging. This will be just the same thing. Here's a review I read (not sure why the font, spacing and color are doing this):

"Nothing comforts a woman’s soul more than a fully understood and embraced gospel. But many women aren’t finding solace in their relationship with
Christ because they don’t see how his life, death, and resurrection connect
with soccer practices and swim lessons. Besides, they just don’t have time
to sit down and read a theology book, no matter how much they might hunger
for God’s truths.

That’s where Elyse Fitzpatrick’s latest book comes in. Comforts from the
Cross provides those well-intentioned women with bite-sized readings to
remind them of their place in Christ and of his love and ministry in their
busy lives. It also dusts off the facts of the gospel to show how ancient
truths such as justification, sanctification, and redemption can free and
enliven their souls every day. Even more, these five-minute celebrations of
the gospel relieve readers of legalistic condemnation and empower them for
joyful obedience by engendering fresh love for the Savior.

A perfect choice for gift-giving or personal encouragement, Fitzpatrick’s
book helps active women grasp the practicality of the gospel message and
experience its deep comforts."

Looks like a good one! Here I am with Elyse last March wh
she came to campus.


sara's art house said...

Ooooh that sounds like just what I need!!!! Thanks, once again Gret for pointing us to the cross! :)

GloryandGrace said...

Sweet! Let me know when you get word that it's coming into the store!

....t said...

That book sounds wonderful. It will be a request for my upcoming birthday....t

Sarah said...

That looks great! I will have to order it....I love her writing. Especially her counseling books. I am reading "When Good Kids Make Bad Choices" which she co-authored. It is excellent!

Brenna said...

Gret, in case I haven't told you lately, I L O V E your blog! Bren