Friday, September 12, 2008

Kingdom Kids Prayer Festival

Wednesday night was our end-of-the-summer festival for the kids at church. We had a prayer Festival around the world, as a fun conclusion to learning about unreached people groups in the 10/40 window. The kids got boarding passes and passports, and traveled around the world with their pilots. Each classroom was set up to represent a different people group in a different country. Here's a picture of my room. We were the Khamba people in Tibet. So use your imagination, that is my tent. My room was probably the most creative and imaginative and the LEAST accurate. Ha ha! We can't all have it all. Here I'm serving the cute kiddos Tsampa to eat when they visit my home. I bet when the Khamba make tsampa, it doesn't taste EXACTLY like cookie dough, but that's what it was when I made it. So mostly everyone really liked it. Also, the Khamba do not wear saris exactly. But that is all I had and I tied it differently so it's not so traditional-Indian.
Doris Stam hosting the China room. She's so cute! Her husband, Chip, is our Worship Pastor and the nephew of the John and Betty Stam who were martyrs in 1934. The Stams are some of my favorite people in the world! My friend Amelia, hosting the Turkey room (the kids had just come from the India room where they were shown honor with flower necklaces). Her husband went to Turkey this summer, along with a number of people from our church, Clifton Baptist. What a blessing to be in a community of believers who are so aware of God's movements in the world, and who desire to be a part of that!

Thanks, everybody, for helping! It was a great night of co-operating with a great team of competent , like-minded servants. I'd highly recommend the Caleb project material. The DVDs about unreached people groups are fabulous. Check out their website. I think you could even just use this for your family, or for a geography class in your homeschool group.


James and Christen said...

That looks like so much fun. It is amazing how activities like these make the concepts you've been teaching more concrete. They are seeing and tasting a part of that culture and that is is REAL and in need of the gospel!!!

Thanks for the example of giving 100% for Christ!

Sizzledowski said...

This is so cool! I love it!

Rebecca said...

Gretchen, Why am I not surprised that your room was the most creative & imaginative? It looked like so much fun, I'll bet the kids loved it and learned so much about the need to spread the gospel world-wide. I have just recently read about the Stams in 2 separate books...and now you say their nephew is in your church. Their testimony is amazing!!

Jana said...

I love the John and Betty Stam story. Mom and Dad always immersed us with Missionary stories and theirs was by far my favorite. I have often wondered where their family is now. Thank you for sharing!

Gretchen said...

Rebecca and Jana,

I know, I couldn't believe it when I first met Chip and Doris. They are so wonderful and normal (well not really, they are genius)! In the first couple of months we were at Clifton, we had a missions conference, and Chip had us sing a song that was composed on the occasion of the Stams' death. We also sang the song Jim Elliot et al sang on the beach in Ecuador. I was amazed!

P.S. Rebecca -- I only say mine was the most creative because I have never stopped knowing how to enjoy "playing pretend". You HAD to be imaginitive because it wasn't very accurate. BUT -- I've never been to Tibet! :)

GloryandGrace said...

Random, but I was totally driving in front of you guys after church yesterday, but didn't notice until right when you were pulling into a parking lot off of Breckenridge :)