Saturday, November 08, 2008

November is C.S. Lewis Month

Where did November come from? Suddenly I'm a whole week into it, and just now realizing that I've not yet chosen what book to read in honor of C.S. Lewis. Every year I read at least one book BY Lewis, and perhaps others that are about him, or that he liked. Any of you who have read my blog for some time know that near the end of this month, we have a birthday party in his honor, which always involves drinking gallons of tea and plenty of read-aloud. You can read about past celebrations here and here.

So this month I think I'll read E. Nesbit's The Story of the Amulet, which will complete the trilogy that Lewis cherished reading so much as a child. In his autobiography, Surprised by Joy, Lewis says "the last [book in the trilogy] did most for me. It first opened my eyes to antiquity . . . I can still reread it with delight." Since Nesbit is also one of my favorite authors, I'd better read what Lewis still found delight in as an adult!

I'm also going to read at least parts of Myths of the Norsemen. Again, as a young man, Lewis loved myths, and especially loved "the north". I believe this is the book that he found on his neighbor's bedside table and discovered a bond of friendship because they both loved it so much.

But what Lewis book to read? I have read almost all his very best (in my opinion). I could do a reread, but I'd like to go for something new. I think I'm going to read a lesser known book of essays called The World's Last Night. We have this really incredible old hardcover copy with a great vintage cover -- it's really my friend Misty's, she left it at our house probably 2 years ago. I'll be very careful with it, and besides, knowing Misty, she would be SAD if good books weren't being read, even if they are old and valuable.

Will you join me in reading C.S. Lewis this month?

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