Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Golden Evening of Read-Aloud -- the 3rd Annual Birthday Party for C.S. Lewis

When our friends Kevin and Micah heard about the parties Josh and I have had in the past, they insisted that we have a reprise this year at their house. I felt rather like Mrs. Beaver, bustling about with the fish and chips beforehand, and the menu was much more subdued than in the past, but it was a golden time nonetheless, complete with crackers, toasting, scones, and "gallons of tea".

My favorite part, of course, is the read-aloud. We heard selections from Mere Christianity, Surprised by Joy, Perelandra, The Weight of Glory, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Horse and His Boy,
Reflections on the Psalms and Josh capped it off with this hilarious short piece on Christmas.

I'm so happy to have met these new friends this year (excluding Kevin, whom we've known since college) to enjoy such an evening with.
This girl is Carrie, who is friends with Kevin and Micah and works with me at the book store (yay!). She has rather Lucy-ish hair with the little barrette, so that is keeping with the theme, and of course Josh and I dressed appropriately with knee-socks and elbow-patch sweaters. I had to tell Micah he was not allowed to wear shorts and a t-shirt for the party (sigh!), but otherwise, I've not known boys more willing to be enchanted. Kevin convinced us all to give Lewis' science fiction series a try (again) with his lengthy but wonderful reading from Perelandra, while Micah was known to give standing ovations for particularly stirring readings of Shasta and the unwelcome Fellow Traveler (by Gretchen).

Emma, Misty and Shea, you were all missed, of course, but I'm sure you were sipping a cup to dear ol' Jack wherever you are!


Sara Mincy said...

You are so cool, Gretchen! Sounds fun!

Steph said...

Hey Gret - sounds really fun!
Thanks for the sweet comments about mom. I'll be sure and pass it along. Also - sorry to hear your Grandma was sick. I haven't heard an update so I hope things are going better for her.

GloryandGrace said...

Surprised by Joy and The Weight of Glory are on my rather lengthy to-read list :)

And thanks for the tip on the shower curtain!! It's good to know someone has a very specific opinion about such things :)

Rachel A said...

That sounds like so much fun, Gretchen. You have been blessed with such an eye for creativity. I'm so sorry we didn't go walking last night; in my mind I knew we were going on "Tuesday," but didn't realize that it was Tuesday until about 9pm!