Monday, December 15, 2008

10 More Shopping Days Until Christmas!

I've decided this week to feature a book each day in case any of you are looking for a great last minute Christmas idea! Maybe you are behind the game a tad (like I am), and still have several hard-to-buy-for people on your list. Hopefully I can give you some good suggestions.

Today I want the feature the NEW ESV Study Bible! This study Bible came out in October, and is FULL of great notes, color maps, articles, and comes with a free on-line study aid that you can only use if you own the Bible. My friend Pam claims the on-line part is her favorite part of the ESVSB because you can make "notes" in the margins, search the text and articles, etc. My pastor, Tom Schreiner, was the editor for the New Testiment of the ESVSB, and wrote the study notes for several of the books, as well as quite a few articles. The layout of the Bible is beautiful, easy to read, and useful.

Here's the great part! Right now, my store is featuring the ESVSB in hardback, simulated, bonded, genuine and calfskin leather ALL at 50% off their regular price! This is an AMAZING sale, especially right before Christmas! Please let me know if you are interested in having one of those in time for Christmas, because I'd be glad to ship you one (if you live out of the area), or hand deliver (if I will be seeing you before Christmas!). You can contact me through e-mail, or call me at work (502-897-4506).

Check back tomorrow for the next book in my Christmas countdown!


sara's art house said...

Dave just got that exact Bible in the photo- nice soft brown leather and all. I call it his mammoth- that thing is big! But so wonderful. We are both enjoying it.

I will be looking forward to your other book selections this week!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up...Jake's brother has been dieing for one! Will you bring it home for Christmas? I can pay you then.


Heather D said...

I got that Bible for someone for Christmas! I got a lot of books this year, gotta inspire people to read ya know.
I have a blog now, kinda boring but I need to start writing again!

Gretchen said...

Lo -- which do you want, Hardcover? Or the brown one in the picture I have? (HC -- $24.99, Brown -- $39.99) I think. . . Not at work, I'll have to check the prices.