Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bizzy Gets a New Book

Wednesday night I found myself with a rare blessing -- a suddenly free evening with access to the car. So after dinner, I grabbed Biz (one of many nicknames for my daughter), my baby sling and the bag of magazines and books I was planning to trade in, and headed to Half Priced Books. I'm still thrilled that I actually live in the same city as this store. What a treat! I decided to drop off my bag at the buy counter and take Susie to explore the kid's section. I figured if I found a board book we couldn't live without, it would probably end up being free.

Of course we did! My eyes lit up when I saw the spine on Baby! Baby! by Vicky Ceelen. I wanted to get Susie a book of baby faces, since she loves flipping through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog with me, and is mesmerized by the show "Bringing Home Baby" when it's on in the morning. I was not disappointed! This big square book has large pictures of animals and babies on each page, mirroring each other in facial expression or position. The cover is a terrible example (I'm sorry, I don't think that baby looks like that ugly dog!), so here is a picture I took of Susie's favorite page. She just loves the baby sticking out its tongue; she's sort of all about tongues right now. I knew this book was a keeper when Susie was laughing by the last page. Good news! It cost a dollar less than what I made off my trade-ins, so even the tax was covered!

I chose this book for Feed Me Books Friday because it is JUST the sort of book we can enjoy together! I love making up words for wordless books, or just talking about the pictures. Susie loves the babies so much that this morning when I pulled the book back out, she was kissing them over and over. I'd say this book is a win-win-win. Post here if you've had some amazing second-hand book finds! I love to buy used books, and I ADORE discovering something special like this. It was not Walmart, with a dozen of the same books, but almost no selection. There was only one copy and that one was there just for us.

Sorry, I didn't do the books you can sing theme! Head over to The Adventure of Motherhood for more book suggestions! If you're like me, and reading to a baby, please read my post from yesterday on reading to babies and contribute to the conversation!


Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

That is so cute! I love that your daughter wants to give the babies kisses. What a great find:)

I visit a local book warehouse (I trade-in too), and they do have a kids section. I haven't bought anything there yet because we have gotten so many gifts and hand me down books for our son. But, it's a great resource and as he gets a little older, I know I'll be shopping there.

Chrissy @ Home.Kids.Life. said...

So sweet! Sounds like a fun time "reading" this book! I'd love to have a half-price bookstore nearby. They're great! Thanks for sharing!

Candi said...

what a cute book! i love it when kids get mesmerized by a book or cute!

Amber @ Because Babies Grow Up said...

I love that picture with them sticking out their tongues. I love to shop at our used bookstore and have found some fun books.

Janna said...

What a cute idea for a book! B loved real photos at that age-still does!

Themes are always optional:)

I love used books b/c kids are so hard on them anyway that I don't feel as bad if they get a little rough treatment.

Ashley said...

What a neat book! Thanks for sharing!

Christy said...

Too cute! I love books that really catch kids. And baby faces always inspire such attention and imitation.