Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giving People Things

This is not a recipe post (though I will gladly tell you what is in this salad). It is a post about generosity. I made this tasty Asian-inspired salad for lunch and then took a picture of it because it looked so good. THEN I realized that almost everything in this salad were given to me by generous people. Not for any real reason, not out of need, just kind people passing on a bit of something they thought I'd like. Put it all together. . . and you have more than just a yummy salad for lunch.

It made me think about why I sometimes shirk being generous, or offering things to people. I come from extremely generous parents. My dad has always been a fantastic present buyer, and my mom was always on the lookout for something you'd like. I think all the time like they do: "oh, that'd be great for so-and-so" or "Wouldn't so-and-so be thrilled with this?" Why do I hesitate, then? Sometimes it's just out of selfishness ("but what IF I decide I need that later? Then I'll be sorry it's gone!"). Sometimes it's out of silly fear that the recipient won't want it ("no, that's dumb, she probably already has all she wants") or that someone else is sure to give the same thing to the recipient ("so-and-so's family probably has already bought her that").

But that's foolish! Who all have I deprived a "salad", just because I held back for a silly or selfish reason? Obviously, God is in control of all things, and he will provide, but I'm missing out on being the one who blesses!

Anyway. . . just a little food for thought. :) And for those who care about this sort of thing, my salad consisted of:

Mixed greens (from my friend Denise -- my co-worker's wife)
Yummy Sesame Sticks (from my co-worker Casey's mama in Georgia -- she heard I liked them and sent me a package)
Edamame (had it in the fridge)
Dressing I mixed up mostly from stuff my friend Pam gave me from her pantry when she recently moved (canola oil, sesame oil, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, sesame seeds, scallions and 1 packet of mustard from a takeout chinese restaurant -- hey, you use what you've got. IT WAS GREAT!

To whom can you be generous?


Jason and Andrea said...

Thanks Gretchen! Great thoughts! It is so easy to miss out on opportunities to give, because it isn't necessarily what comes "naturally" to us. Thanks for sharing Susie with us this morning, we had so much fun! I'm still smiling over that adorable bird mouth!!

Gretchen said...

Speaking of giving people things! How about you have given us such excellent care for Sus SO many times!!

Emily Benzing said...

Actually Daniel's mom is a really generous person. Gifts is definitely her love language! She is always coming up to me with stuff she found at a garage sale she thought I could use, or something she found on clearance somewhere. I've really being trying to work on being more like that.