Monday, April 19, 2010

What you read affects who you are

This article about what U.S. presidents have read and how it may have affected their policy was utterly fascinating to me! It should come as no surprise that the books we read become advisers, and the President of the United States is certainly not exempt from this. Truman's view on rebuilding Israel was especially telling. . . I love how he called himself "Cyrus".

Take thought to what you read! There are only so many days and so many books you can tackle. What will you choose? How best can you invest your moments to read?

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Paul Sr. said...

I'm currently reading "Law or Grace" by M.R. DeHan
What are you reading?
I actually have a bit of dyslexia & very poor eyesight (I need to get some real glasses & stop using the dollar store magnifiers). That makes reading a chore that produces a pounding headache after a few hours.
I do enjoy listening to books being read but my wife can't stand it which I find interesting.