Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Classic Susie Stories -- Chapter 4

Like many little children, Susie sometimes did not want to obey her mother and daddy.  One time, she had a harder time obeying than usual -- and what transpired will always be known as:

The Popsicle Stick Story
Susie was eating a yummy Popsicle, and when she was finished, she did not want to throw it away in the garbage can, so she just set it on the edge of Mother's table.  

"Throw your stick away," Daddy told her.
"No." Susie dared to say, and she even dared to smack the stick so it would fall onto the floor.

Daddy leaned over and picked it up and put it back on the table. "Throw it away," he repeated.
She knocked it down again and still refused.

Daddy was a firm disciplinarian.  He swatted her bottom.
She cried, but refused to pick up her stick and throw it away.
Over and over, Daddy would pick it up, and she would knock it down, and she would get another swat.  Finally, after a rather long battle, Susie caved.  She could tell that Daddy would win, no matter how long the battle raged.  She weepingly carried her stick to the trash and threw it in.  

"Now look at that," Daddy said, "You hurt my hand because you wouldn't throw it away."

Susie looked at him with a totally serious face and said "Not as much as you hurt my tail!"

Sometimes Susie could be a little bit dramatic, as all little girls can be.  She did not like getting hurt, not one little bit!  Here is a story that illustrates what might happen if a dramatic moment got the better of her. . . 

The Apple Peel Story
Mother was sitting by the kitchen table, peeling a bright red apple.  She had the amazing talent of being able to peel an apple in one, long, spiraling peel.  This time, she must have broke off a bit of that long peel, which fell to the floor.

Susie came into the kitchen with bare feet.  As soon as she ran by the table, she stepped on the small bit of apple peel, which stuck to the bottom of her foot.  Not too long later, she happened to notice the bright red spot on the sole of her foot.

Immediately she ran shrieking through the house: "I'm BLEEEDIN', I'm BLEEDIN'!!!" she shouted at the top of her lungs.  It never dawned on her that she could not feel any pain in her foot.  She just knew what she saw.  "I'm BLEEDIN'!!" she wailed to her mother, who, upon examining the foot, removed the piece of apple peel and held it up for Susie to see.

"It's just a bit of apple peel." was the calm explanation.

Maybe Susie felt a bit silly then.  But she probably felt better if her Mother let her eat some of that long, spirally apple peel. 


Lana said...

You are a writer after my own heart. I love your style and the stories :)

Anonymous said...

AUGH!!!!!! I forgot about the popsickle stick! :) HAHHAHA I have to ask Grandad to tell that story again. HYS-Terical. >:)


Emma said...

Haha. This stories made me smile big time. So I guess I am my mother's daughter after all. :)

Karen said...

A couple of precious stories that need to be retold many times! So glad that you are sharing these things. What a girl, that All-American Sue!

Becky said...

Great stories!

Dusti said...

great how you organized your writing here.

Rachel said...

What great stories! I would have been very frustrated if I'd had to parent in the Popsicle story, though. Glad Susie's Dad stuck it out to the end!

One of my sons gets hysterical if he thinks he might be bleeding even a tiny bit, so the apple peel story especially made me smile. ;o)

scrapbookeasy said...

I love your story! Very funny!

Janna said...

Smiling, grinning, loving the beauty of life that you always capture in your story telling.

I'm so glad you named your daughter Susie to honor this unforgettable woman!

Beth (Elizabeth) LaMie said...

What delightful stories, no doubt told over and over during the years since then.

denise said...

janna said it so well about honoring your mom through the life of your daughter...i'd love to hear you weave some stories of yourself and your daughter in as you go along to see more directly how they relate to your mom (i know you see her in you both all the time)...

i appreciate your support through this journey...hoping i can come through better in 4th grade recollections since i "piqued your interest" and then couldn't follow through :(

i'm enjoying following your stories about your mom!

sincerely, denise from group 3